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Powell for Congress HQ Defaced with “Baby Killer” Graffiti; Signs Defaced with “Niger Lover”


Ahhhh….Republicans, gotta love ’em. The first photo is of Wayne Powell for Congress headquarters (421 Branchway Road in Chesterfield, VA) defaced with the lovely “baby killer” graffiti you can see below. The second photo is of a Powell for Congress sign defaced at Grove Ave. near Sheppard St. in Richmond (note: I hear this happened to several others, including ones near Powell HQ). I’m sure that Eric Can’tor is outraged and will be commenting shortly. On second thought, Can’tor et al. don’t condemn insanity like this from Romney supporters, so let’s not hold our breaths…



Source for the “Niger lover” photo

  • From Arlington County Democratic Committee Chair Mike Lieberman:

    Arlington Democrats,

      I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that more than 3,400 Arlingtonians voted early in-person in Arlington today.  This number shatters the previous single day early voting record in Arlington. To give some perspective, today’s vote total is roughly 1,000 more votes than the total of absentee votes received in the entire November 2011 general election, and roughly half the number of absentee votes cast in Arlington in the entire 2000 presidential election..

     Thanks to all of you who stood in the cold to greet voters, knocked on doors, participated in a phone bank, or helped with any of the other pre-election activities we had going on today.  With less than 72 hours to go, it is only going to get busier from here.

    Let’s bring this election home!

  • mechenvy

    Wayne has had the guts and gumption to get up in Eric Cantor’s face and tell it like it is. He should take these despicable and stupid acts as a badge of honor. I thank him for running a courageous, authentic campaign. Best of luck on Tuesday, Wayne!