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Be honest: There is logic behind Gov. McDonnell saying arm school personnel.


(Some seriously snarky snark from Paul Goldman, who’s somewhere out helping his fellow Virginians…be more snarky? Heh. – promoted by lowkell)

by Paul Goldman

I think it is time for ProgressVA, Lowell, and others to be honest: There is unassailable, mathematical logic behind the governor wanting to arm school personnel to prevent another Newtown. True, he only said he thought the idea of arming school personnel should be a topic for discussion. But as a general rule, governors don’t attach their names to ideas they feel have little merit.


Consider: If someone at Sandy Hook had been armed, he or she would have had a chance at stopping the Newtown murders that was self-evidentally not available to the unarmed school personnel, who apparently confronted the killer only to lose their lives.

SO: The Governor has his point and his detractors need to concede it.

INDEED: The Governor’s logic proves also that if there were 2 people at every school armed and trained to stop a murder-minded intruder, this would DOUBLE THE CHANCE of stopping the murderous intruder. Did the Governor really have to spell that out to folks with graduate degrees?  

INDEED PLUS: Taking the Governor’s logic further, having 10 people armed and trained at stopping a murder-minded intruder would provide 10 TIMES the chance of stopping any killing spree than just having one. Surely even a liberal gun control freak would concede this math.

IN FACT: If you armed and trained every teacher, this would logically provide FAR GREATER CHANCE OF STOPPING THE MURDER-MINDED INTRUDER than just one person.

IN FACT PLUS: With all due respect to the Governor, given the power of his logic, it makes no sense to arm only a few. The logic says you need to arm and train so many school folks that any intruder would be crazy to try a mass murder.

MOREOVER, THE GOVERNOR SHOULD NOT BE SO MODEST: Does not his logic as apply as regards every other venue that has experienced a mass murder attack? Come on, do you have to be Einstein to figure that out? It is pure math.

FACT IS: The logic of the Governor’s position suggests that the best way to stop all the killings, mass or otherwise, is to require every American over a certain age to be armed, and trained and required to carry a weapon on his or her person at all times.

THINK ABOUT IT:  If everyone is armed at all times, then everyone can kill any mass murderer. Indeed, why not require all of us to carry two weapons, thus DOUBLING OUR ABILITY TO SHOOT DOWN A MASS MURDER? How can ProgressVA, Lowell or anyone else argue with the math?

Moreover, if you don’t carry your weapon one day, and get killed; you are to blame, not the politicians, not the gun control laws, not the NRA, not a breakdown in morality or even the craziness of your killer. If you leave home without your two weapons, it is your fault if you get killed by anyone for any reason. That’s the logic of the situation.

CONCLUSION: It is, as Sherlock Holmes would have, elementary. The logic of the Governor’s position is unassailable as matter of deduction. If one armed person in any group of people increases the chances of stopping a mass murderer, then by definition the more people in the group carrying a weapon, the greater the odds of avoiding such a horrible crime.

The Governor is being modest. What other idea promises to offer a way for every American to confront such evil with a real chance of stopping it wherever and whenever it occurs?

Thus, with all due respect, I really can’t support the idea of only having one person per school armed at all times.

One has to be logical here. If America wants to get serious about stopping these massacres, then we all have to be armed at all times, we can’t just leave the job to one person.

In fact, why not arm us all with automatic firing weapons, this will increase the odds greatly of killing the mass murderer.

Strolling through the mall, everyone smiling, the Uzi bulging from behind a jacket or shirt or pants pocket, the outline of another full clip in the other pocket: I promise you, the last thing you will ever have to worry about is a mass murderer killing your ass.

Problem solved.

Now: Let’s talk about how we don’t need to worry about the Iranian A-Bomb if we would only make sure everyone in the region had nuclear weapons. Indeed, if every country had a nuclear bomb and ICBM capability, who would dare attack?

I ask you: Why do we make it so hard to solve these problems?

  • LOL, nice job Paul! 🙂

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    Don’t look now, Paul, but I like your snark too.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Super satire. Watch out, though, Paul. Someone on the right is sure to have a blog post headlined, “Prominent Democrat Agrees with Governor on All Counts.” It takes a certain level of mental ability to discern satire. Sadly, far too many of our political adversaries on the right don’t have that….:-)

  • fendertweed

    all you need to do is look at the abysmal marksmanship of fully trained LE officers in firefights under stress…. many/most are lucky to get 1-3 hits in a dozen shots.

    And yet the moronic Gov. VaginalProbe thinks that a free-for-all of armed educators and school staff will not result in a slew of collateral damage (children and teachers shot as well by their own side)?

    What a fool… he betrays little knowledge of real-life factors involved in an unanticipated shooting (which I’ve seen in 25 yrs. working with federal LE)…

    He’s delusional.

  • Jim B

    We are fortunate to be located next to the federal government. Without all that loot supplying jobs McDonnell would have us competing with Alabama or Mississippi.