Northumberland County Republican Committee forced to close shop by Tea Baggers


    Out here in Northumberland County — the fly-over region of Eastern Virginia — the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time transpired a few days ago.

    At their annual Christmas Party, the Northumberland County Republican Committee had all the usual festivities — food, drink, music, awards — then the entire slate of officers stood up, resigned and announced they are closing down the County Republican Party because of interference from the Tea Baggers!!!

    We are in the VA House of Delegates 99th district, which is cursed with the “99th District Tea Party” — an active group of dingbats, loudmouths, and wackadoodles (remember Catherine Crabill ?).  Many of the Tea Partiers also are members of their county Republican Parties.

    Here in Northumberland County, the Republican Party and it’s Teahadist members have been in a pitched battle for at least a year.   The Teahadists disrupt meetings with shouted points of order, interrupt speakers, and do whatever they can to prevent business from being transacted.  They challenged the incumbent officers in party elections and almost won, forcing a second election on procedural grounds.

    The Tea Baggers claim the Republican Party is not sufficiently ideologically pure — they want the county party to support the craziest of the crazy.

    So, it seems as though the Republicans had enough.  They shut down the county Republican Committee, closed their office, removed the sign from the building, and sent their money to the state GOP.

    The Republicans have now formed a new group, the County Independents or something like that — which is open by invitation only!!!!

    One of our County Democratic Party members is thinking of putting a letter in the local papers inviting “homeless and unloved” Republicans to join us in our big tent!!!

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.