Petition: Tell Gov. Bob McDonnell Arming Teachers is Not the Answer


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    On Tuesday, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said he believes the answer to school violence may be arming teachers and principals. We know that’s the wrong answer.

    Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw said it best when he said, “When that does not work what’s next? Arm the students?  If teachers wanted to carry guns in order to do their day jobs, they would have become policemen.”

    Giving teachers weapons and turning schools into armed camps is not the solution. Can you sign our petition telling Governor McDonnell that arming school teachers and principals is wrong? More guns in our schools is not the answer.

    Sign this petition to get rid of this awful idea once and for all. With your support, we will fight for solutions that actually make a difference, like banning hundred-round magazines and getting the mentally ill the help they need.

    We need to look at solutions that actually make a difference, like banning high-capacity magazines and keeping guns away from those who are mentally unstable.

    Sign this petition today and tell Bob McDonnell “NO” to arming teachers and turning schools into armed camps.

    • Teddy Goodson

      “Guns loose in schools is counter-productive. If this policy is implemented, it is only a matter of time before a student gets his hands on one, or a teacher proves unstable or disgruntled, and uses the weapon in school for personal reasons, not to fend off an outside shooter in an OK corral shoot-out. Conflict resolution, gun education, more mental health interventiobn, closing loopholes, stricter control of gun sales, all get at the root of the problem. Guns-in-schools only escalates the problem. We aren’t living on the sprasely populated frontier, we are crammed together in towns and cities, and have to learn to live together”

      Senator Saslaw is right: when the Guv’s policy proves inadequate, what next? Arming students? The entire idea is so counter-productikve as to be terminally stupid. This sort of Rambo, adolescent thinking, the instinctively aggressive response of Republicns to every problem never ceases to amaze (and disappoint).

    • hereinva

      Knee jerk reactions are not the way to govern. Glad to see the VA Senate Democrats taking a stand.

    • ir003436

      Armed guards in every school, similar to today’s “school resource officers” . . . but carefully selected and trained.  

      How to pay for it??

      A tax on firearms and ammo and anything related to firearms and ammo . . . holsters, telescopic sights, laser sights, cleaning supplies, reloading supplies . . .

      Or maybe this . . . No Jobs Bob wants to arm teachers?   Who pays for the teachers’ weapons, associated equipment, and training . . . expenses to transport teachers to firing ranges for refresher training . . . expenses for training exercises?  Same way . . . big-ass tax on guns, ammo, and shooting supplies.

      Run that by ol’ Bob and watch him STFD and STFU about arming teachers.