Petition: Tell Gov. Bob McDonnell Arming Teachers is Not the Answer


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    On Tuesday, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said he believes the answer to school violence may be arming teachers and principals. We know that’s the wrong answer.

    Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw said it best when he said, “When that does not work what’s next? Arm the students?  If teachers wanted to carry guns in order to do their day jobs, they would have become policemen.”

    Giving teachers weapons and turning schools into armed camps is not the solution. Can you sign our petition telling Governor McDonnell that arming school teachers and principals is wrong? More guns in our schools is not the answer.

    Sign this petition to get rid of this awful idea once and for all. With your support, we will fight for solutions that actually make a difference, like banning hundred-round magazines and getting the mentally ill the help they need.

    We need to look at solutions that actually make a difference, like banning high-capacity magazines and keeping guns away from those who are mentally unstable.

    Sign this petition today and tell Bob McDonnell “NO” to arming teachers and turning schools into armed camps.


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