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The Patrick and Jim Moran Story: Where Are We at this Point?


I’ve been busy, also collecting my thoughts, on the Patrick Moran/Jim Moran mess. For now, let me just say I’m utterly disgusted by/livid about this entire situation. Here are a few links regarding the story; I invite people’s comments and thoughts.

*Rep. Jim Moran’s Son Guilty of Beating Up His Girlfriend in Columbia Heights (How does a “good kid” end up “pleading guilt…to beating up his girlfriend outside a Columbia Heights bar?” How is a 24 year old a “kid?” And how is this an “embarrassing situation,” not a horrifying, inexcusable incidence of violence against a woman?)

*Rep. Moran: Son’s Attack on Girlfriend “An Accident” (Wait, how can it be an “accident” if Patrick Moran pleaded guilty to assaulting her, and if the police report clearly stated that Patrick “grab[bed] a white female by the back of her head with his hand and slam her head into the metal trash can cage in front of the nightclub,” leaving her “bleeding her heavily bleeding from her nose” and with a possibly “fractured” “right eye socket?”)

*Moran’s Son Pleads Guilty to Beating Up Girlfriend (The statement here by Patrick Moran’s girlfiend, Kelly Hofmann, completely contradicts the police report, as well as the fact that Patrick Moran pleaded guilty to assault.)

*No justice for congressman’s girlfriend-abusing son (“Representative Moran’s behavior this week, in fact, could serve as a checklist of all the ways that friends, family, colleagues, and society treat domestic violence, ways that make it difficult for victims to leave, and let abusers know they can offend without being held accountable.”)

*Columbia Heights Bar Distances Itself From Patrick Moran Arrest (The alibis continue to unravel, as “The Getaway, the Columbia Heights bar outside which Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, says it did not serve either Patrick Moran or his girlfriend the evening of December.”)

On and on it goes, where this fiasco will stop, nobody knows. All I can say is, the deep “blue” 8th Congressional District can, and should, do a lot better than this.

  • kindler

    This is how royal families tend to act, the whole world over.

    We like to think of ourselves as a pure democracy, but the sad fact is that, with gerrymandering, party incumbent protection and interest group favoritism, legislators for the most part get to stay as long as they want, usually until they can’t walk anymore.  They become increasingly entitled, as do their families.  And crimes like this happen, and people get away with them.  

    It’s long past time for Moran to retire and make way for the next generation to step up to the plate — family members NOT included.  

    One last thought: some may say that, as Democrats, we shouldn’t even mention this unfortunate situation.  Let me just say that, as human beings, we have a much greater responsibility, to criticize this disgusting act and Rep. Moran’s even more unacceptable pooh-poohing of it.

  • notlarrysabato

    Jim- time to go.

  • independent in arlington

    …I think it is very unfair to tar the Congressman because his (adult) son committed a criminal act against his girlfriend.  

    On the other hand, Representative Moran’s initial statement is – in my mind – essentially unforgivable.  To term an act of violence like that as simply “embarrassing” and worthy of “privacy” ignores everything that we know now about domestic violence.  I understand Moran’s instinct to try to protect his son, but has to have better judgment that this by now.  He should simply have said nothing specific about the incident.  

    This incident is simply another reason why its time for a new Congressman or Congresswoman for the 8th District.  Any suggestions?  The one who jumps immediately to mind is Libby Garvey, simply because she seems to be unafraid of challenging “the Establishment” when it comes to running for office, but I don’t know if she is the most qualified/knowledgeable person out there.