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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, December 28. By the way, that video has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics, but it’s awesome and there were a bunch of politicians (e.g., President Obama) there watching, so what the heck? 🙂

*White House Meeting a Last Stab at a Fiscal Deal (My attitude is better no deal than a bad deal…)

*Why they want to go over the cliff

*Time to Confront Climate Change

*New Hawaii Senator: Climate Change The ‘Most Urgent Challenge Of Our Generation’ (I’d love to hear this kind of talk from Virginia’s Senators as well!)

*Lisa Jackson resigns EPA post after making big progress: Editorial

*Va. families decry potential Russian ban on U.S. adoptions (“They say Russian legislation would only punish the children.” And they’re absolutely right. What a vicious, pointless law by the Russians. Boo!!!)

*Without any limit, big money will flow into Va. governor’s race (Can’t wait, huh? Not.)

*Va. lawmakers to target exploitation of elderly

*Editorial: Make health care a priority (“Virginia Democrats recognize that most Virginians want affordable health care, and they’re ready to fight for it.”)

*Va. lawmakers likely to examine innocence law

*Legislator revives referendum on sales tax for region’s roads

*Virginia, Navy sign road deal

*Editorial: A cheerless greeting (“Free speech is free for believers and non-believers alike.”)

*Scrap gas tax, boost sales tax for roads, Fairfax delegate says (An utterly horrible idea in every way. Also brain-dead stupid. Did I mention horrible?)

*Uranium mine debate divides small southern Virginia town of Chatham

*Major Loudoun-Prince William highway moves closer to reality (Wonderful, more sprawl development. Dumb, dumb, dumb.)


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