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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, February 25. Also, check out the video of Gov. McDonnell arguing that putting 50% of the cuts in the sequester on defense is wrong. Of course, I’d add that the cuts on the domestic side would be equally wrong, or even more so, as they cut into crucial programs that keep our economy going, that keep Americans safe, and that make crucial investments in our future. I’d also add that Gov. McDonnell would be well served to spend his energies telling his own party to stop being absolutists and to agree on a balanced approach to our federal budget issues.

*White House details impact of cuts on states

*The miracle on guns (“Will sensible firearm regulation finally come to pass?”)

*Editorial: Immigration compromise (“A leaked plan from the White House is the best or worst thing for real reform.”)

*GOP govs to Hill Republicans: ‘Step up’

*How federal budget cuts will affect the state (“The White House outlines cuts to funding for education, law enforcement, public health, national parks and environmental protection if a deal is not struck by Friday.”)

*Governors warn budget cuts would ‘wipe out’ D.C.-area jobs

*McDonnell’s post-adjournment letter to the General Assembly

*Some delegates on Medicaid panel skeptical of expansion (This is worrisome. For starters, why on earth is super-conservative “Democrat” Johnny Joannou on this commission?!?)

*In Virginia and Washington, Republicans back tax hikes (“The state transportation plan just passed. Congress backed a deal with Obama on a boost for the wealthy.”)

*McDonnell, Kaine Urge Congressional Action on Sequester

*McDonnell to Review ‘Hybrid Tax’

*A Cavalier Fiasco (“Virginia Republicans try to elect the next Democratic Governor.” Also, see the quotes from Sen. Chap Petersen on what he calls a “grotesque” deal.)

*Editorial: Playing doctor again in Richmond (“Legislators are once again inserting themselves between you and your doctor.”)

*Two Dem legislators urge McDonnell to nix $100 hybrid fee (“The centerpiece of the effort from Sen. Adam Ebbin of Alexandria and Del. Scott Surovell of Fairfax County, both Democrats, is the NoHybridTax.com Web site with a petition for people who oppose that surcharge.”)

*State is told “complex issues” surround new U.S. 460

*Parking space spat built into Virginia budget (How petty can you get?!?)

*When plates are bumper stickers

*Review: At the Oscars, the same old song and dance (I’m happy to say I didn’t waste a minute of my life watching this.)

  • FreeDem


    While Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads will able to raise (tax themselves), keep, and allocate new transportation revenue, VDOT escapes responsibility for meeting the needs of the two most economically important parts of the Commonwealth. The bill frees VDOT to take more of the statewide sales tax revenues for highway construction outside the two regions.

    Day-to-day vehicle user costs will decline, and all taxpayers will pay more even if they drive little or not at all. Meanwhile, transit fares are likely to continue to climb in the absence of adequate state support for transit maintenance and operating costs.

    In a final example of VDOT off-loading costs onto the two metro regions, the bill failed to allocate state funds to Hampton Roads’ Midtown/Downtown Tunnel project which local officials want. Instead, the authors of the bill say that localities should use the new regional funding sources if they want to buy down the costs of the tolls, even as VDOT diverts $1.12 billion of state and federal funds to the unnecessary Route 460 over the objections of many in the region.

    Looks like a pretty raw deal to me.

  • FreeDem

    Republicans who voted for the Warner tax increase AND this McDonnell transportation tax increase:

    Delegate Riley Ingram, Delegate Joe May, Delegate Bobby Orrock, Delegate Tom Rust, Delegate Chris Jones, Delegate Edward T. Scott, Senator Harry Blevins, Senator Tommy Norment, Senator Frank Ruff, Senator John Watkins and Senator Walter Stosch.

    If the Tea Partiers can’t give a scare to a good number of these Republicans, the entire movement is entirely worthless.

  • Paba

    that counts daily the number of unopposed Republicans running for HOD this year. Just as a reminder.

    You’re never going to get the budget and social policies you want without the House. It needs to be a bigger priority, and after seeing the Medicaid expansion panel, that point should be hammered home even more starkly.

    PS: The number of unopposed Republicans for 2013 currently stands at 55 with at least 4 of those in Obama-won seats.