Cuccinelli: Appealing to Women Politically Means Focusing on the “mentally ill”


    Just when you thought Ken Kookinelli couldn’t get any creepier or more bizarre, he says s*** like this.

    How about [appealing] to women?

    I’m a person who appeals to women with a variety of issues that they just happen to care more about that I also happen to care about. I’ve worked to improve mental health and worked to help the mentally ill for over a decade and a half, including when I was in the legislature. Women’s issues aren’t just abortion. Women’s issues are everything women care about. And I have an awful lot of issues that I appeal to women on, just as a natural course.

    So, let’s get this straight: the first thing Cuckoo’s mind goes to when he’s asked about how Republicans, including himself, might better appeal politically to women is “mental health” and “help[ing] the mentally ill.” Not jobs, the economy, health care, education, or a million other things, but focusing on the “mentally ill.” I’ve run this quote by a bunch of people, without telling them whose quote it was, and they all reacted with varying degrees of “WTF” and “that’s creepy” and “I didn’t know mental health was specifically a women’s issue.” But for Crazy Cuccinelli? Who knows how that guy’s mind works; I actually don’t want to know…

    P.S. Of course, this is the same guy who doesn’t “believe” in science, thinks the government is using Social Security numbers to “track” him, has flirted with “birtherism,” etc, etc. So what else would we expect?

    • Apparently, Cuccinelli bought into the “Obama pulling out of Virginia” stories.  As he quotes elsewhere in the article:

      Here in Virginia, the president’s team worked better than we did. They had four times the staff, which we didn’t know until after the election, and they also were working smarter.

      You’d really have to have your head in the sand to not know that Romney’s campaign staff was outnumbered by Obama’s in Virginia.

    • ir003436

      Seems to me the only women attracted to Cooch are those who need mental health services.

    • Dan Sullivan

      This is a stream of consciousness response that goes unchallenged among the true believers. In his mind he is saying something that is without challenge: there are positions, like support for mental health issues, many women embrace that intersect in the Venn diagram with his beliefs. But he then extrapolates that to positions he holds that women who agree with him on all things embrace, abortion for instance, and because he believes his views are “good” for women, by extension, all women should embrace.

      I am trying to make sense of mush here. Let him talk.

      There is evidence that if you are not fully on board with him, however, even if you agree with him, you can’t be right:

      You’re running for governor against Terry McAuliffe. Are there any areas of agreement between the two of you?

      We’re both motivated to increase employment in Virginia, though I also want to increase economic activity, and I strongly suspect we have very different ideas about how that may best be achieved.

      Really? Ken says in addition to increased employment, he “also wants to increase economic activity?” Somehow Terry would work to increase employment but tamp down economic activity? Is that the difference between them? No, I personally interpret this to mean both want to increase economic activity but Ken would cut taxes while Terry would increase government spending.

      That is not what he said, though, nor what Terry has said and while for his usual audience statements without substance are sufficient this isn’t going to work with a broader, discerning electorate. It just won’t be enough to say, “I don’t agree with Terry” to convince them to vote for him.

      Both of these examples are revealing in their own ways. What they reveal is that in his head if everyone agreed with him, the world would be a far better place, because then there would be nothing in the world disagreeable, or something to that effect. His way or the highway.

      Dinner at his house has got to be an experience.

    • 8 minutes into this video…