The Republicans as a Hierarchical Society: I’m Interviewed by the Head of Opednews


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    In February, I published a  piece to explain why the Republicans set out to demonize President Obama. At the center of my explanation was that the Republican Party constitutes a hierarchical society, and

    In a hierarchical society, people are trained in the ethic that those lower in the hierarchy should obey those above, not question or challenge them.

    That fact combines with the Republicans’ particular political strategy in these times.  Because today’s Republicans have “no interest in cooperation or compromise, but only in fighting for power,” that Party feels the need “for its supporters to give President Obama zero standing and credibility.” And so, “the Republicans went to work immediately not just to discredit President Obama, but to demonize and delegitimate him” by selling a picture of him “as a dangerous “other” who could not be one’s legitimate superior in the hierarchy.”

    That piece prompted the man behind, Rob Kall, to interview me for his radio show, which was broadcast live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

    The discussion started with the issue of the Republican Party as a hierarchical culture, but soon went into the larger picture of that “sick and broken spirit” that’s driving this unprecedentedly destructive and dishonest force that today’s Republican Party has become.

    The transcript of the first half of that interview has now been posted by Mr. Kall here.

    Andy Schmookler, an award-winning author, political commentator, radio talk-show host, and teacher, was the Democratic nominee for Congress from Virginia’s 6th District.  He is the author of various books including Out of Weakness: Healing the Wounds that Drive Us to War.

    • Teddy Goodson

      They are the American version of fascism. They consistently show all 14 characteristics of fascism. They are working hard to establish here what I call corporate feudalism, or the American fascist corporate state, as explained in the diary “Why Is the Government Not Working?”:

      We are well down the road to being ruled by faceless corporations, which pay for our supposedly democratic government (see Citizens United), while the corporations are beyond the control of that government, and, indeed, order the politicians what to do. Otherwise, our corporate overlords have total contempt for their government flunkies, and do as they darned well please because they are global, not geographically limited, as are nation states.