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The Reviews Are Coming In: Cuccinelli’s Extreme CPAC Speech


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:


Richmond, VA – This morning Ken Cuccinelli spoke at the Conservative Political Action Convention in Maryland and observers are already beginning to describe the speech for what it was: the latest indication that Cuccinelli has no intention of backing off of his extreme agenda and focusing on mainstream solutions as he runs for Governor.


Below are a couple early reactions to Cuccinelli's performance this morning:


Politico: "Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday morning with a speech to the conservative faithful that was part pep talk and part campaign stump speech.

"It's the setting in which Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, is most comfortable. And his decision to speak here – despite an abundance of advice that he needs to soften his ideological edge to win in a state that President Barack Obama carried – is a sign that the candidate isn't ready to tack to the center."


Washington Post: "Ken Cuccinelli II vowed Thursday to "defend our most sacred principles" in his race for governor, delivering red meat to an eager crowd of fellow conservatives."


"If Cuccinelli plans to move to the center, there was little sign of it at CPAC Thursday."


CBS News: "The first speaker, Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, perfectly embodies the dispute vexing the GOP. The likely Republican nominee in Virginia's 2013 gubernatorial race, Cuccinelli is beloved by the base for his crusades against the Obama administration on healthcare and environmental regulation, but some more pragmatic conservatives fear he may be too far-right to win the governor's mansion in a swing state."


  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It was pretty easy for Bob McDonnell to pretend to be a moderate. His persona was, and is, meek and mild, sort of a better looking Mr. Magoo. Cooch, in contrast, has an arrogant, obnoxious personality that he just can’t hide. Plus, he’s such an egotistical ideologue that he actually thinks he can convince others to join him in his delusional idea of what reality is.  

  • Dan Sullivan

    Assumed. Arrogance is it’s own poison. He has a vision and let’s pray he continues to pursue it.  

  • Venu

    He chose to walk on stage to “One Direction.”

    This man wants to be Governor?!?!?!?!

  • kindler

    …in addition to all the crazy stuff he’s said and done, so easy to use against him, we get to tie him to all the other CPAC loons — Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, the white supremacist faction, the universally-loved Mitt Romney…

    I hope the McAuliffe campaign is working on the attack ad — it pretty much writes itself!