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Video: DPVA Executive Director Lauren Harmon Speaks to the Brigades


Last night at the monthly Brigades meeting (at Neighbors Restaurant in Vienna), new Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director spoke to the group, and also answered questions, for about 1/2 hour. After introducing herself, including a joke about how her holidays with her Tea Party parents are “super fun,” and her background working for Gabby Giffords and the Ohio Democratic Party, she laid out her thoughts for DPVA in 2013 and beyond. Among other things, Harmon said the Democratic campaigns this year will truly be coordinated. According to Harmon, there will be 170 field organizers this year, “in every corner of the Commonwealth,” at a cost of $2.5 million. There will also be a focus on analytics (Harmon added that the analytics team will be headed up by person who worked on President Obama’s analytics) and motivating “drop-off voters” – ones who tend to vote in presidential elections but not in state elections – to come out this year. My favorite quote of the evening: “our communications team, we’re going to have one person focused on just beating the snot out of Ken Cuccinelli all day long – Brian Coy.”

Finally, Harmon talked about building up/investing in the party, to come out of 2013 “not just with a Democrat in the governor’s mansion” and more Democratic seats in the House of Delegates, but with DPVA “in a strong and sustainable financial position so that we can start capitalizing on our year-to-year gains.” According to Harmon, “we can’t just plan to come out of this not able to plug a coffee pot in at the Democratic Party headquarters, that’s not how you run an organization…we’ve got to look to 2020, we’ve got to look to redistricting, because that’s the only way that we’re going to be able to build a long-term majority for the Commonwealth…because they are gerrymandering the hell out of those districts, and we all know it.”  Good stuff, now let’s make it happen!

  • Paba

    We’re 2 weeks from the deadline and this is how many GOP seats we are contesting:


    Democrats are still running in LESS THAN HALF of all House districts.

  • ToddSmyth

    It was exciting to hear how well oriented she is already and what her priorities are. I think she is right on target and as you say “let’s make it happen!”

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I recently participated in one of the training sessions the new DPVA staff is holding across the Commonwealth. The 6th District training drew more than fifty participants from around the 6th. Leading the training were Gaylene Kanoyton, First Vice-chair of DPVA, Lauren Harmon,, Clark Mercer, Political Director, Brenner Tobe, Director of Information and Technology
, and Ashley Bauman, Press Secretary

    The session was excellent, and proved to me that there is a new, young, knowledgeable, active bunch at DPVA – just what we all have been hoping for. Most of the focus was on how to build better, more effective local  committees. Now, the slow rebuilding begins.

  • kindler

    She makes a lot of sense, she thinks strategically, she communicates well.

    Thanks for posting (since I’ve been too busy to drag my butt to Brigades meetings for a while now)…

  • Not_LowellFeld