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Video: Rep. Bobby Scott Makes Several Great Points About the “mindless” Sequester


Rep. Bobby Scott makes several excellent points here.

1. You can’t cut $1.2 trillion out of the budget “in any intelligent kind of way,” as non-defense discretionary spending is already “at the lowest point we’ve been as a percentage of GDP since before Medicare…You can’t make $1.2 trillion in cuts make sense.

2. “If you’re not going to have new revenues to help achieve a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction, then the mindless, painful, across-the-board sequester is about the only way to do it.” And the reason why we can’t get any revenue increases is, very simply, because of one party: Republicans. End of story.

3. The problem is that “people think that you can cut taxes and it doesn’t have any effect on the budget…well, if we had cut taxes a little less, we wouldn’t have to worry about the sequester, and that’s really what we’re paying for right now.”

4. If we try to fix the sequester, we might have to cut Social Security, which would be even “worse” than the sequester itself.

What a mess.


    ~On today’s votes to limit sequestration ~

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner released the following statement on today’s votes in the U.S. Senate to limit sequestration:

    “I voted for the Reid proposal because I favored its 50/50 blend of targeted spending cuts and new revenues, which would have avoided sequester and moved us further toward a balanced approach to fix the debt. I voted for the Republican counterproposal because it would have provided flexibility in making the required cuts. While I continue to work for a broad, balanced and bipartisan approach to deficits and debt, both of these approaches represented a less stupid approach than sequestration and its disproportionate impact on Virginia.

  • Jim B

    It appears the republicans have decided the sacred cow the defense dept is not so sacred after all and the best way to screw the democrats is to do nothing. Meanwhile the federal govt is wasting time and money basically deciding what to do about loss of funding.

  • DJRippert

    Mark Warner was elected to represent the Commonwealth of Virginia in the US Senate.  Sequestration will have a very negative impact on Virginia.  He will vote for almost any bill that ends sequestration regardless of the party that submitted the proposed legislation.

    He’s one of those new fangled pragmatists that people are beginning to like more and more.  See also: Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell.

  • Obama really nails it here: 1) he’s not a dictator; 2) he can’t force Republicans to be reasonable or sane by a “Jedi mind meld” or anything else.