Who just endorsed Scott Lingamfelter?


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    Lingamfelter: Wrong for Virginia

    You’ll never believe who just endorsed Scott Lingamfelter for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.
    Who could chime in to help Scott Lingamfelter stand out in a crowd of seven Republicans? Who would help him move even farther to the right? Who does Lingamfelter want on his team to help him win?
    Tom Tancredo, that’s who.
    Wait. Who?

    Tom Tancredo. From Colorado. A former Congressman and a former candidate for President.
    Tom Tancredo, who doesn’t believe in evolution. Who voted against renewing the Voting Rights Act. Who said that President Obama is a greater threat to America than Al Qaeda. Who suggested a “civics literacy test” as a requirement to exercise the right to vote. Who said that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was a member of the “Latino KKK.” Who said that President Obama should be sent back to Kenya.
    “I am honored to have the support of former Colorado Congressman and great American patriot, Tom Tancredo!” – Scott Lingamfelter
    Tom Tancredo and Scott Lingamfelter want to move Virginia backwards. On Election Day, we can turn the page and choose leaders who will move our Commonwealth forward.
    • ToddSmyth

      Tancredo’s endorsement is based primarily on Lingamfelter’s record on immigration:

      In Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor race, one of the overriding issues is who is best to lead on the issue of combating illegal immigration.” — Tom Tancredo

      If this becomes a big issue this year, I had a lot of fun last year flummoxing people who complained about “illegal immigration” by saying “You do realize Democratic labor unions are not the ones hiring the non-union workers from Mexico? Those are Republican owned corporate factories, farms and construction firms trying to avoid paying union wages. So by all means help our labor unions and the Democratic Party out by cracking down on non-union labor from Mexico. Thanks

      If they are unphased by that add this: In 1983, Reagan opened the border with Mexico to bring in cheap, non-union labor to help bankrupt the Soviet Union and it worked. It also devastated labor unions and weakened the Democratic Party. The problems we face today are because those policies were never ended. So if you really want to crack down on the non-union labor from Mexico, vote Democratic. 😉

    • kindler

      …who needs Republicans?

      Seriously, I think what’s going on here is Lingamfelter fighting to compete with Corey Stewart for the nativist, anti-immigrant, whites-only vote.  The Republican LG primary clearly represents a tough set of choices for their Cro-Magnon constituency.