Chopra campaign releases first TV ad


    (Good stuff by Aneesh Chopra’s campaign! – promoted by lowkell)

    Today, Aneesh Chopra released the first television ad of his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Virginia Lt. Governor. The 30-second ad focuses on Chopra's commitment to fighting for Virginia's middle class.
    In the ad, which begins airing today, Chopra outlines his priorities for strengthening the middle class. These include ensuring women earn equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, and ensuring college is affordable for Virginia students and families.
    The ad also highlights Chopra's experience as Virginia's Secretary of Technology for Governor Tim Kaine and as U.S. Chief Technology Officer for President Barack Obama.
    "I'm excited to take my campaign of fairness, equality, and opportunity to Virginia voters with this ad," Chopra said. "I am the proud son of parents who worked hard to get into the middle class. I know how difficult it can be for families that are struggling to get in — or stay in — the middle class. I stand with them and will work each day to ensure all Virginians have a fair shot at success."
    • [Chopra walking upwards on a descending escalator, staying stationary]

      CHOPRA: Ever feel like this? [gestures to escalator] I’m Aneesh Chopra and for too many middle class families in Virginia, it’s like this every day.

      Women not getting the promotions they deserve [EQUAL PAY appears on screen]

      Workers who need a higher minimum wage [HIGHER MINIMUM WAGE appears on screen]

      And trying to keep up with college costs is like, well, this. [COLLEGE COSTS appears on screen]

      [Chopra gestures downwards to escalator stairs]

      I was Chief Technology Officer for President Obama [CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER appears on screen] and Governor Kaine. But I can do a lot more to fix these problems as Lt. Governor.

      [ANEESH CHOPRA DEMOCRAT LT. GOVERNOR appears on screen]

      [Chopra stops walking up the escalator, begins to descend]

      The Richmond Republicans want us to give up. We can’t let this happen.

      [Chopra walks up descending escalator at faster pace]