Video: Meet the Abortion, Sex-Obsessed Teapublicans Who Nominated Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain


    Thanks to Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett; here’s some more fascinating video – which I’ve summarized with a few illustrative quotes – from the Virginia Republican Party Convention a few weeks ago. Just remember, these are the (extreme, sex-and-abortion-obsessed people) who nominated Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson and Mark Obenshain. After watching this video, I think you’ll understand why they did!

    *”I’m not a big fan of contraception, frankly…pretty soon I guess we’ll hand [morning-after pills] out to babies.”

    *”Millions and millions of babies that are being murdered, slaughtered.”

    *”These are people who chose to take human life for a living…”

    *”It’s the abortion issue, it’s the mass slaughter of innocent children that I believe that EW and Cuccinelli as well are against.”

    *”One thing…would be to ensure that there’s never any funding for Planned Parenthood or for any type of family planning clinics in Virginia…I think that’s something, if we do elect a Republican Lt. Governor, we would be able to perhaps get that through.”

    *”…our state is very supportive of the foundation of marriage being between one man and one woman.”

    *”EW Jackson…is truly Obama’s worst nightmare.”

    *EW Jackson is “not offended by color issues.”

    *”Northern Virginia ought to be cut off from the state.”

    • kindler

      …at Republicans who never batted an eye as Bush’s horrific, insane decision to invade Iraq wiped 100,000 human beings off the face of the Earth for no reason, and yet who scream and cry over the idea of embryos that won’t be coming to term.  

      You can’t reason with these people.  All you can do is annihilate them at the polls.  

    • Erick Erickson says, “Having mom as primary bread winner is bad for kids and bad for marriage,” and also this classic:

      I’m so used to liberals telling conservatives that they’re anti-science. But liberals who defend this and say it is not a bad thing are very anti-science. When you look at biology – when you look at the natural world – the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. The female, it’s not antithesis, or it’s not competing, it’s a complementary role.