Video: Meet the Abortion, Sex-Obsessed Teapublicans Who Nominated Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain


    Thanks to Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett; here’s some more fascinating video – which I’ve summarized with a few illustrative quotes – from the Virginia Republican Party Convention a few weeks ago. Just remember, these are the (extreme, sex-and-abortion-obsessed people) who nominated Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson and Mark Obenshain. After watching this video, I think you’ll understand why they did!

    *”I’m not a big fan of contraception, frankly…pretty soon I guess we’ll hand [morning-after pills] out to babies.”

    *”Millions and millions of babies that are being murdered, slaughtered.”

    *”These are people who chose to take human life for a living…”

    *”It’s the abortion issue, it’s the mass slaughter of innocent children that I believe that EW and Cuccinelli as well are against.”

    *”One thing…would be to ensure that there’s never any funding for Planned Parenthood or for any type of family planning clinics in Virginia…I think that’s something, if we do elect a Republican Lt. Governor, we would be able to perhaps get that through.”

    *”…our state is very supportive of the foundation of marriage being between one man and one woman.”

    *”EW Jackson…is truly Obama’s worst nightmare.”

    *EW Jackson is “not offended by color issues.”

    *”Northern Virginia ought to be cut off from the state.”

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