Cuccinelli Abused the Office of Attorney General to Advance Fossil Fuel Interests


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    The Associated Press reports:

    A Federal Court judge has issued an opinion stating she was “shocked” that Cuccinelli’s office was assisting natural gas companies in a law suit between those companies and Virginia land owners who have alleged that the gas companies removed gas from under their land without compensation, bilking the land owners out of natural gas royalty dollars.

    In response, Glen Besa, Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter Director, issued the following statement:

    Frankly, we at the Sierra Club are not shocked at all by this latest revelation.

    Almost from first day he was elected, Attorney General Cuccinelli has abused his office on behalf of fossil fuel polluters.  Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been spent in unnecessary litigation costs as Cuccinelli pursued frivolous suits against the Environmental Protection Agency and even the University of Virginia, all in the name of publicity, climate denial and political gamesmanship.

    Just this year Cuccinelli issued an official advisory opinion siding with the natural gas industry over local governments.

    So, one has to wonder, whose interests are Attorney General Cuccinelli representing? The people of Virginia or the fossil fuel industry?

    • to win election this year. That should tell Virginia voters everything they need to know about Cuccinelli – none of it good!

    • Eileen Levandoski

      The parent corporation of one of those gas companies – Consol Energy – has already donated more than $85,000 to Cuccinelli’s campaign for Governor.

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      This is sort of off topic, but now that I’m seeing waaaay too much of the Cooch on my tee vee, I have noticed that either his neck or jaw is weirdly bent to his right, like its not positioned correctly on his head.

      Anyone else notice that? I know it’s disturbing, but look closely the next time he’s telling you how he’s looking out for the little guy in that dumb commercial of his.

    • kindler

      …is how the Tea Party rubes can fall for all the propaganda about protecting their ‘freedom” and “liberty” when their most cherished candidates so blatantly just exist to use government to aggressively protect big corporate interests.