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Virginia Primary Election Results Live Blog


It’s 7 pm, and polls in Virginia are now closed. Which races are you watching? Obviously, I’m curious to know who won the Democratic primaries for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. I’m also interested in the Democratic and Republican House of Delegates primaries. I’ll be listening to the John Fredericks Show, as well as checking results at VPAP and the State Board of Elections website. On the LG and AG races, it will be interesting to see if they can be called early, or whether they are too close to call for a while. Should be interesting…stay tuned!

UPDATE 9:43 pm: Looks like turnout in the Democratic primary was around 140,000, which is better than 2005 by about 25,000 votes. Still pitifully low, but at least it wasn’t a historic low as many of us thought it might be this afternoon.

UPDATE 9:23 pm: @ryanobles tweets, “AP Calls it: BULLETIN (AP) – Mark Herring, Dem, nominated Attorney General, Virginia.”

UPDATE 9:11 pm: Huge upset by Tea Partier Mark J Berg over Del. Beverly Sherwood in the 29th HoD district. And Del. Joe May loses to Tea Partier Dave LaRock in the 33rd HoD district. These upsets are all about the transportation bill vote. Wow. On the other hand, Republican Scott Taylor wins the 85th HoD primary, despite his support for the transportation bill, over Gary Byler and Jeremy Waters.

UPDATE 9:08 pm: VPAP is finally back up. With 95.8% of precincts reporting, it’s Mark  Herring 51.78% (69,058 votes)-Justin Fairfax 48.22% (64,315 votes). In the House of Delegates, congratulations to Del. Rosalyn Dance (53%-47%), Jennifer Boysko (76%-24%), and Del. Algie Howell (68%-32%).

UPDATE 9:01 pm: @aneeshchopra tweets, “Congratulations to Senator @RalphNortham on his victory tonight. I’m looking forward to working together to win in November. #Unity”

UPDATE 8:59 pm: This is nuts! @DenaPotterAP  tweets, “Senior Va. GOP Del. Joe May, roads package backer, loses primary to conservative challenger.”

UPDATE 8:58 pm: ‏@vpapupdates tweets, “House District 63 – 29 of 30 precincts – Dance 52.88% Thompson 47.11%.” Looks like that one’s over.

UPDATE 8:57 pm: NLS just called the AG race for Mark Herring.

UPDATE 8:55 pm: ‏@vpapupdates tweets, “SBE says 92.3% of precincts reporting – Herring 51.65% Fairfax 48.34%”

UPDATE 8:53 pm: @DenaPotterAP tweets, “Longtime Va. GOP Del. Beverly Sherwood loses primary to conservative challenger Mark Berg.”

UPDATE 8:52 pm: @ArlingtonVotes tweets, “Corrections: Arlington totals for Lt. Gov: @RalphNortham 3938, @aneeshchopra 4525.” What on earth?!?

UPDATE 8:47 pm: According to @vpapupdates, “SBE reporting with 90.8 % precincts reporting, Northam 54%, Chopra 46%” and “SBE reporting with 90.6 % precincts reporting, Herring 51.5%, Fairfax 48.5%”

UPDATE 8:37 pm: @vpapupdates tweets, “83% of precincts reporting. Northam lead has widened slightly – 53.55 % of vote vs. Chopra 46.45” and “83% percent of vote. AG races appears to narrow. Herring 51% Fairfax 49%”

UPDATE 8:36 pm: @notlarrysabato has called the LG race for Ralph Northam. Congratulations to Sen. Northam on his victory; now please kick EW Jackson’s butt! 🙂

UPDATE 8:33 pm: @ArlingtonVotes tweets, “Arlington unofficial results, Atty General: @SenMarkHerring 4951, @FairfaxJustin 3244” and “Arlington unofficial results, Lt Governor: @RalphNortham 4951, @aneeshchopra 4525.” Very bad news for Aneesh Chopra (I’m right on the edge of calling it for Northam). Good news for Mark Herring.

UPDATE 8:31 pm: @chelyendavis tweets, “The @AP officially calls the 28th House race for @SpeakerHowell.” No surprise there.

UPDATE 8:18 pm: It looks like both VPAP and SBE are hosed right now. #FAIL (why does this crap happen every election, seemingly?)

UPDATE 8:06 pm: According to VPAP, with 1,762 precincts reporting (69.5%), it’s Northam 44,538-Chopra 41,013. With 1,741 precincts reporting (68.7%), it’s Herring 44,267-Fairfax 40,370.

UPDATE 8:00 pm: With 1,491 precincts of 2,543 reporting (57.9%), it’s now Northam 36,122-Chopra 33,258; Herring 35,711-Fairfax 31,612. Also interesting, with 50% of precincts reporting, Del. Rosalyn Dance is beating Evandra Thompson 1,509-1,256.

UPDATE 7:56 pm: It’s now Northam 3,284-Chopra 1,141 and Fairfax 2,215-Herring 1,786 in Norfolk.

UPDATE 7:41 pm: According to VPAP, with 783 precincts reporting out of 2,534, it’s Northam 16,604-Chopra 15,795; Herring 16,890-Fairfax 14,919.

UPDATE 7:39 pm: In Fairfax County, with 4 of 237 precincts reporting, it’s Chopra 203-Northam 167; Herring 222-Fairfax 146. Also, Jennifer Boysko is beating Herb Kemp 113-32.

UPDATE 7:33 pm: In Norfolk, it’s currently Herring 764- Fairfax 664; Northam 1,316-Chopra 368.

UPDATE 7:32 pm: @LTMnews tweets, “First local returns starting to come in. In 33rd House District, Dave LaRock has a more than 200 vote lead with nearly 1,500 votes counted.”

UPDATE 7:27 pm: From Chesterfield County, with 64 of 73 precincts reporting, it’s Chopra 2,607-Northam 1,898, Fairfax 2,546-Herring 1,896, and Dance 381-Thompson 265.

UPDATE 7:21: @AdamEbbin tweets, Arlington’s Fairlington Precinct Results: LG: Chopra 145, Northam 104. AG: Herring 150, Fairfax 95  

  • BatCave

    in Chesterfield County, 1082 to 866 with 30 of 73 precincts reporting.

  • churchlanddem

    From what I’ve seen today Northam is dominating in Hampton Roads? Will Chopra be able to do the same in NOVA?

    Also, I think the House of Delegates race out in Petersburg will be interesting!

  • Dan Sullivan

    Looks like Gary C. Byler will be the Republican winner in an extremely negative Virginia Beach campaign.

    Scott Taylor, whose campaign was run by Brian Kirwin, falls in another local race. Taylor is becoming the Harold Stassen of Virginia Beach.

  • antonio_m_elias


    Not surprisingly, Northam up big 931-251 (78% to 21%).

    SURPRISINGLY, Fairfax up by 3 votes.

    This is only with a handful of precincts in. Should be interesting to see what turnout was like in Northam’s base vs. elsewhere.

  • antonio_m_elias

    That’s just terrible, horrible news. He keeps a lot of crazy right-wingers in check in the Transportation Committee, and losing his leadership would be a huge blow to the already-minimal civility of the House of Delegates.

  • ak44

    Where are your updated results coming from? I just checked http://electionresults.virgini… and according to that website only about 30% of the precincts are in…

  • Venu

    tell everyone on John Fredericks show (Ben Tribett especially) to just look at vpap.org instead of complaining that SBE is wonky!? It’s like he’s on a 30-min delay from what’s on VPAP!  

  • jwsevert

    Has anyone else noticed that every time there’s a Republican governor  the competence of the State Board of Elections goes straight to hell?

    Maybe they’re taking yoga classes.

  • pashin

    Ingrid Morroy is reporting on Facebook that:

    All Arlington precinct results are in, but there are technical issues with the state’s website. Arlington race totals for Lt. Governor are Northam 3,938, Chopra 4,525. Race totals for Attorney General are Herring 4,951, Fairfax 3,244.

    Note that these are rather different than the 8:33 tweet from Arlington Votes (who dat, anyway?), which had Northam carrying Arlington by 425 votes.  Probably not enough to change the Fredrick/Tribbet prediction, but worth noting for accuracy.  

  • Ralph Northam wins Democratic Nomination for Lieutenant Governor

    “It is an honor to be the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.  Now let’s win in November and return our Commonwealth to the years of Governors Warner and Kaine that focused on the issues that matter most to Virginians.  We must roll back the damage that has been done in the last two years and stop the assault on women’s reproductive health care,” said Ralph Northam.

    “For those meeting me for the first time as we enter the general election, I want to introduce myself.  I grew up on the Eastern Shore and went to school at the Virginia Military Institute.  I served our country in the U.S. Army as a doctor for eight years, rising to the rank of Major and caring for our troops during Desert Storm.  I am a pediatric neurologist and founding partner at Children’s Specialty Group at the Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters.  As the only doctor in the Senate, I have been an advocate for Virginians’ health by authoring the smoking ban in restaurants and creating safety guidelines for students who suffer concussions,” said Senator Ralph Northam.

    “As your next Lieutenant Governor, we can return Virginia to its rightful rank as the best place to raise a family, start a business, and educate a child,” said Senator Ralph Northam.

  • RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring statement on the nomination of Senator Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor:

    “The responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia are at an all-time high as the Senate is evenly divided. It is imperative that Virginia has a mainstream Lieutenant Governor who is willing to work with both parties to improve Virginia’s competitiveness.

    “Our Democratic nominee, Ralph Northam, will work tirelessly to bring mainstream values and a bipartisan approach to the office of the Lieutenant Governor. Tea Party candidate E.W. Jackson has proven that his extreme views and rhetoric would divide Virginians and prevent bipartisan progress. Jackson’s inflammatory attacks on Planned Parenthood, gay Virginians and even healthy pastimes like yoga demonstrate that he would be focused on imposing his own social agenda on Virginia families.”

  • pontoon

    is with the State Board of Elections website?  It is nuts that they can’t input results without the numbers going up, down and all around.  

  • RICHMOND – The Virginia Democratic House Caucus released the following statement on Delegate Dance’s primary victory in the 63rd District:

    “Rosalyn Dance has worked hard for the Democratic Caucus and for the people of the 63rd district,” said Democratic House Caucus Leader David Toscano. “I look forward to serving with her for many years to come.”

    Democratic House Caucus Chair Mark Sickles added, “Rosalyn Dance has been a tireless advocate for residents in the 63rd, people who do not have a registered lobbyist to look out for their interests.  I am glad that she will be back with us, fighting for fairness and a better life for the hard working men and women of Virginia.”

  • ARLINGTON, VA – Aneesh Chopra released the following statement regarding today’s Democratic Primary for Virginia Lt. Governor:

    “I want to congratulate Senator Ralph Northam on his victory tonight in the Democratic Primary. Senator Northam and his staff should be proud of their campaign. While this was not the result that we hoped for tonight — I look forward to coming together to ensure the Democratic ticket wins a clean sweep in November. The work to bring fairness, equality, and opportunity to Virginia continues.”

  • totallynext

    not from the results – but from the sheer lack of people who give a shit to come out and vote!

  • totallynext

    special elections in January – that ought to be fun!

  • RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring statement on the nomination of Senator Mark Herring:

    “This election will provide a stark contrast in the race for Attorney General. Our Democratic nominee, Mark Herring, will work hard to restore the reputation of the Office of the Attorney General by focusing on issues that Virginians care about like consumer protection and equitably representing the people of Virginia.

    “Mark Obenshain has already proven that he views political power as a way to impose his own social agenda on Virginia families. He wrote legislation to require women suffering a miscarriage to report it to the police or face criminal penalties and worked with Ken Cuccinelli to introduce legislation that would ban some common forms of birth control, like the pill.”

    “Commonwealth voters will use this election as an opportunity to restore a mainstream focus to the Office of the Attorney General.”

  • RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring’s Statement on today’s Primary Election results and the newly elected Democratic ticket:

    “Virginians are lucky to have Terry McAuliffe, Senator Ralph Northam, and Senator Mark Herring to elect this November,” said DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring. “Their focus on expanding jobs and the economy, fixing Virginia’s transportation crisis, and increased access to affordable education couldn’t be more opposite of the extreme ideological agenda and rhetoric of the Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain ticket.

    “Virginians had a difficult decision to make today with four exceptional candidates on the ballot. Senator Ralph Northam and Senator Mark Herring ran strong campaigns based on the values we all share. Both of them have bright futures as leaders in our party and our Commonwealth; they deserve our thanks for their commitment to the Virginia families we all serve.

    “We look forward to November and will work day in and day out to ensure a Democratic victory.”

  • jwsevert

    Virginians have a great ticket to vote for in November with Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam and Mark Herring.

    And who says Virginia Democrats don’t have a bench?  Aneesh Chopra and Justin Fairfax may not have won the most votes tonight; but they won the hearts of many for service yet to come.

  • totallynext

    Many opportunities ahead for both Anesh and Justin in Virginia politics… Remember…McAuliff lost, Warner lost, etc. etc.

  • Friends,

    There’s nothing I could say to express how much I appreciate everything you did to make this campaign a success. On behalf of my family and staff, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this team.

    And I want to thank Justin Fairfax, who ran a spirited campaign and has an incredible future in public service.

    I truly look forward to working with him because as you know, it will take all of us working as one to stop Ken Cuccinelli and the radical ticket he has assembled. The GOP candidate for Attorney General, Mark Obenshain, may not give fiery, rhetorical speeches like you hear from Rev. Jackson, but he’s just as dangerous – in fact, Obenshain has actually used his power to force their extremist ideology on all Virginians.

    That’s not the Virginia we want. We are sick of the abuse of authority and this fall we will end it.

    So tonight we celebrate, but our work to defeat the most extreme ticket in our Commonwealth’s history gears up tomorrow.

    We are one step closer and it’s all because of you. I can’t emphasize that enough and I can’t thank you enough.


  • kindler

    In both Dem races, the more experienced politician beat the newcomer — though both newcomers ran solid campaigns and ended up with respectable vote totals.  

    While I supported Chopra, I think we come out of the primary with a very strong, geographically balanced ticket — experienced, moderate progressive candidates with messages that will appeal to the mainstream — vs. the Three Horsemen of the Teapocalypse…

  • Terry McAuliffe Statement Congratulating Ralph Northam and Mark Herring on Their Nominations to the Democratic Ticket

    Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released the following statement congratulating Ralph Northam and Mark Herring on their nominations as Virginia’s Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General:  

    “I would like to congratulate Ralph Northam on becoming the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Ralph has dedicated his career to improving the lives of Virginia’s families and communities, both as a State Senator for Virginia and as a pediatric neurologist. Ralph has been a tireless advocate for women’s health, has worked to strengthen our education systems, and helped pass crucial legislation aimed at improving the health of Virginians and protecting first responders. I look forward to the work Ralph and I will do together to make Virginia the best state in the nation to do business and raise a family.

    “I want to also congratulate Mark Herring on becoming the Democratic nominee for Attorney General of Virginia. The critical work Mark did as co-patron of the bipartisan transportation compromise is a testament to his commitment to tackling the challenges Virginia’s communities face in a bipartisan manner.  I look forward to continuing to work with him on issues he has been a leader on in the State Senate representing Loudoun and Fairfax counties, including improving our local education systems and making Virginia more attractive to innovative companies. We need responsible leaders like Mark in Richmond who will strive to make our government more efficient, open, and better for the people of the Commonwealth. I know Mark will restore a pragmatic focus on the issues Virginians care about to the Office of the Attorney General.”