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Virginia Primary Election Results Live Blog


It’s 7 pm, and polls in Virginia are now closed. Which races are you watching? Obviously, I’m curious to know who won the Democratic primaries for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. I’m also interested in the Democratic and Republican House of Delegates primaries. I’ll be listening to the John Fredericks Show, as well as checking results at VPAP and the State Board of Elections website. On the LG and AG races, it will be interesting to see if they can be called early, or whether they are too close to call for a while. Should be interesting…stay tuned!

UPDATE 9:43 pm: Looks like turnout in the Democratic primary was around 140,000, which is better than 2005 by about 25,000 votes. Still pitifully low, but at least it wasn’t a historic low as many of us thought it might be this afternoon.

UPDATE 9:23 pm: @ryanobles tweets, “AP Calls it: BULLETIN (AP) – Mark Herring, Dem, nominated Attorney General, Virginia.”

UPDATE 9:11 pm: Huge upset by Tea Partier Mark J Berg over Del. Beverly Sherwood in the 29th HoD district. And Del. Joe May loses to Tea Partier Dave LaRock in the 33rd HoD district. These upsets are all about the transportation bill vote. Wow. On the other hand, Republican Scott Taylor wins the 85th HoD primary, despite his support for the transportation bill, over Gary Byler and Jeremy Waters.

UPDATE 9:08 pm: VPAP is finally back up. With 95.8% of precincts reporting, it’s Mark  Herring 51.78% (69,058 votes)-Justin Fairfax 48.22% (64,315 votes). In the House of Delegates, congratulations to Del. Rosalyn Dance (53%-47%), Jennifer Boysko (76%-24%), and Del. Algie Howell (68%-32%).

UPDATE 9:01 pm: @aneeshchopra tweets, “Congratulations to Senator @RalphNortham on his victory tonight. I’m looking forward to working together to win in November. #Unity”

UPDATE 8:59 pm: This is nuts! @DenaPotterAP  tweets, “Senior Va. GOP Del. Joe May, roads package backer, loses primary to conservative challenger.”

UPDATE 8:58 pm: ‏@vpapupdates tweets, “House District 63 – 29 of 30 precincts – Dance 52.88% Thompson 47.11%.” Looks like that one’s over.

UPDATE 8:57 pm: NLS just called the AG race for Mark Herring.

UPDATE 8:55 pm: ‏@vpapupdates tweets, “SBE says 92.3% of precincts reporting – Herring 51.65% Fairfax 48.34%”

UPDATE 8:53 pm: @DenaPotterAP tweets, “Longtime Va. GOP Del. Beverly Sherwood loses primary to conservative challenger Mark Berg.”

UPDATE 8:52 pm: @ArlingtonVotes tweets, “Corrections: Arlington totals for Lt. Gov: @RalphNortham 3938, @aneeshchopra 4525.” What on earth?!?

UPDATE 8:47 pm: According to @vpapupdates, “SBE reporting with 90.8 % precincts reporting, Northam 54%, Chopra 46%” and “SBE reporting with 90.6 % precincts reporting, Herring 51.5%, Fairfax 48.5%”

UPDATE 8:37 pm: @vpapupdates tweets, “83% of precincts reporting. Northam lead has widened slightly – 53.55 % of vote vs. Chopra 46.45” and “83% percent of vote. AG races appears to narrow. Herring 51% Fairfax 49%”

UPDATE 8:36 pm: @notlarrysabato has called the LG race for Ralph Northam. Congratulations to Sen. Northam on his victory; now please kick EW Jackson’s butt! 🙂

UPDATE 8:33 pm: @ArlingtonVotes tweets, “Arlington unofficial results, Atty General: @SenMarkHerring 4951, @FairfaxJustin 3244” and “Arlington unofficial results, Lt Governor: @RalphNortham 4951, @aneeshchopra 4525.” Very bad news for Aneesh Chopra (I’m right on the edge of calling it for Northam). Good news for Mark Herring.

UPDATE 8:31 pm: @chelyendavis tweets, “The @AP officially calls the 28th House race for @SpeakerHowell.” No surprise there.

UPDATE 8:18 pm: It looks like both VPAP and SBE are hosed right now. #FAIL (why does this crap happen every election, seemingly?)

UPDATE 8:06 pm: According to VPAP, with 1,762 precincts reporting (69.5%), it’s Northam 44,538-Chopra 41,013. With 1,741 precincts reporting (68.7%), it’s Herring 44,267-Fairfax 40,370.

UPDATE 8:00 pm: With 1,491 precincts of 2,543 reporting (57.9%), it’s now Northam 36,122-Chopra 33,258; Herring 35,711-Fairfax 31,612. Also interesting, with 50% of precincts reporting, Del. Rosalyn Dance is beating Evandra Thompson 1,509-1,256.

UPDATE 7:56 pm: It’s now Northam 3,284-Chopra 1,141 and Fairfax 2,215-Herring 1,786 in Norfolk.

UPDATE 7:41 pm: According to VPAP, with 783 precincts reporting out of 2,534, it’s Northam 16,604-Chopra 15,795; Herring 16,890-Fairfax 14,919.

UPDATE 7:39 pm: In Fairfax County, with 4 of 237 precincts reporting, it’s Chopra 203-Northam 167; Herring 222-Fairfax 146. Also, Jennifer Boysko is beating Herb Kemp 113-32.

UPDATE 7:33 pm: In Norfolk, it’s currently Herring 764- Fairfax 664; Northam 1,316-Chopra 368.

UPDATE 7:32 pm: @LTMnews tweets, “First local returns starting to come in. In 33rd House District, Dave LaRock has a more than 200 vote lead with nearly 1,500 votes counted.”

UPDATE 7:27 pm: From Chesterfield County, with 64 of 73 precincts reporting, it’s Chopra 2,607-Northam 1,898, Fairfax 2,546-Herring 1,896, and Dance 381-Thompson 265.

UPDATE 7:21: @AdamEbbin tweets, Arlington’s Fairlington Precinct Results: LG: Chopra 145, Northam 104. AG: Herring 150, Fairfax 95  


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