PPP: Cuccinelli Highly Unpopular; Dems Lead Statewide Races, House of Delegates “Generic” Ballot


    Public Policy Polling has generally good news for Virginia Democrats this morning. Here are the top-line numbers:

    *Governor: Terry McAuliffe (D) 41%-Ken Cuccinelli (R) 37%-Robert Sarvis (L) 7%

    *Lt. Governor: Ralph Northam (D) 42%- EW Jackson (R) 35%

    *Attorney General: Mark Herring (D) 38%-Mark Obenshain (R) 36%

    *Generic House of Delegates ballot: Democrats 46%-Republicans 42%

    *Cuccinelli is seriously unpopular, at 32%-47% (-15 points). McAuliffe is closer to even, at 34%-36% (-2 points)

    *Jackson is at 15% favorable/28% unfavorable. My question is, what the heck is wrong with those 15% of Virginians?!? LOL

    *”Obenshain’s name recognition is just 33% and Herring’s is 28%, with voters closely divided in their opinions about both of them.”

    Also of interest is that a large majority of Virginians simply have no opinion whatsoever of the LG and AG candidates. It will be interesting to see what happens as name ID goes up, and as Virginians find out how insane EW Jackson is, and how extreme Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain is. I’m very much looking forward to it! 🙂

    P.S. According to the “crosstabs” of this poll, Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis draws about equally from Obama and Romney supporters. I wonder if that will stay the same as the election proceeds, as it seems to me that Sarvis is a much more natural fit for Republicans disgruntled with Cuccinelli because of his view that government very much SHOULD be in our bedrooms and doctors’ offices, telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies and our lives. That’s pretty much the polar opposite of “libertarian.”

    • Venu

      with “Very Liberal” and “Very Conservative” voters (hitting double-digits in both groups) Sarvis’s performance should note why it’s important that parties actually have real and competitive contests to nominate their standard bearers instead of winding up with nominees no one is really wild about.  

    • ir003436

      Last I read . . . don’t recall where . . . VA Dems were not contesting a large percentage of the HOD races.  I know here in the 99th HOD district, Margaret Ransone is still unopposed, in spite of her comments that she’s tired of the job already . . . says it’s not the fun, travel, and adventure she thought it would be.

    • gg2landy

      Local teacher and business woman Katie Webb Cyphert taking on Kathy Byron ( transvaginal ultrasound bill author). She needs support,$$ and help ! GO Katie !