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Sen. Chap Petersen Calls on Bob McDonnell: “Come clean,” Return gifts…or Resign as Governor


I’m very happy to see this letter from Sen. Chap Petersen. Among other things, it’s good to see someone in the Virginia Democratic Party establishment who’s willing to call for our corrupt, grifter Governor to come clean on his burgeoning corruption scandals or step down. What’s ironic is that it took one of the most moderate/conservative Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly to do this. Where’s everyone else on this? I mean, it’s not like this story is hard to understand – Bob McDonnell’s corrupt, and Ken Cuccinelli is both corrupt AND covering up for McDonnell – and both of them need to resign, immediately. I’m amazed that leading Virginia Democrats (e.g., the “Progressive Caucus”) haven’t done what Chap just did, but thanks to Chap for having the cojones to do what’s right. Not that our Grifter Governor will give a rat’s hindquarters…

  • linda b

    Let’s make sure this is posted far and wide.

  • kindler

    I’d have to disagree with the characterization of him as one of the most conservative Dems in the General Assembly, however.  

    A lot of progressive groups would seem to disagree — check out these ratings.

  • churchlanddem

    Although his style may come across as a little more conservative he is actually quite progressive and there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

    I think a lot of Virginians would agree and would like to see him step up for statewide office in the future!

  • amber waves

    anyone motivated to start a resignation petition?

  • The following statement is from Sen. Donald McEachin, in response to my question to him about Sen. Chap Petersen’s letter to Gov. Bob McDonnell:

    There is an ongoing investigation and we all deserve and need to hear the outcome of that investigation. I am no longer interested in nor have any confidence in the Governor’s explanations. The answers I seek and Virginians seek are the answers from the investigation. At that point, we can and should take the next step.

    I very much appreciate Senator Petersen’s concern and distress. Senator Petersen is a very bright, astute attorney and Member of our Caucus. Like him, I also continue to be extremely dismayed and disappointed that it appears our governor has sold the integrity of our government for a few fancy clothes, jewelry and trips.