Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli shuns questions related to the Bob McDonnell/Jonnie Williams affair


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    Some call it chutzpah. Some call it cojones. I like to call it arrogance on a massive judicial scale. I’m referring of course to Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, and the manner in which he has continuously brushed aside real concerns expressed by Virginians about his ties to troubled Star Scientific CEO, Jonnie Williams.

    Cuccinelli has stuck to a strategy of what I’ll call the “distracted voter conclusion” in the face of questions regarding his knowledge of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s extensive gift receipts from Jonnie Williams as well as his own gift receipts from Mr. Williams.

    In one response, Cuccinelli decried, “More than anything it’s a distraction. I’m trying to run a race and we’re talking about jobs and the middle class here.” Who doesn’t agree that jobs and protecting Virginia’s middle class are among the highest policy issues in this campaign for Virginia’s governorship? But political corruption is also a big deal, as well.

    The bottom-line is that Cuccinelli is making one of the biggest political mistakes any politician can make: ignoring a nuclear political issue that is mushrooming around involved politicians instead of addressing it head-on and putting it in the past. And with the election for Virginia governor scheduled in November, the sooner Cuccinelli can put the Star Scientific debacle behind him, the better it will be for his chances at victory.

    With that said, I want Cuccinelli to win Virginia’s governorship about as much as I’d like to see Godzilla trample through the streets of Richmond. In fact, both events may cause equal damage to the city of Richmond and beyond!

    Cuccinelli is the type of politician that lends his ear, his time, and his energy to well-established (and generous campaign donors) sector monopolists like Alpha Natural Resources who hand-craft ideas that Virginia’s attorney general can sell to the people of Virginia as his own. That is, Cuccinelli is a corporate tool, par excellence, who has fewer bright ideas than the Three Stooges.

    Thus, not only is Cuccinelli insincere, arrogant, and a corporate tool, he’s not even shy about any of these personal attributes. I ask again, why would Virginia want an individual like this at the top of the executive food chain?  

    • with almost every other Attorney General in the country to support the Violence Against Women Act. Does he actually OPPOSE the Violence Against Women Act?  Seems crazy, but remember this is the guy who “denies” climate science (as if it’s possible to deny science), who dabbles in birtherism, who puts on his tinfoil hat and fever dreams that the government’s using Social Security numbers to track his kids, who talks to his toy elephant “Ron,” who believes that life begins at conception and favors a “Personhood Amendment” writing that into law (thus outlawing abortion and many forms of contraception, plus criminalizing doctors and women). etc, etc. In short, the guy’s crazy and an extremist. And, as an added bonus, he’s also corrupt and incompetent. On the former, I’ve just got two words for you: Star Scientific. On the latter, just look at how much time and Virginia taxpayer money he’s wasted pursuing his wild goose chases in court, then going on to lose many of those cases.

      Meanwhile, he ignored (or was “walled off” from) anything to do with an area his office SHOULD have been all over – a scandal in the Virginia Governor’s Mansion.  In sum, the guy’s a total #FAIL on every level. It’s amazing he’s Attorney General of Virginia, even more amazing that he’s the GOP nominee for governor, and even MORE amazing that there are people – including in the corporate media – who insist on treating him as a serious individual, as opposed to a random, raving lunatic yelling about the end of the world on the street corner.

    • ir003436

      Cooch knows something:  (1) His rightwing base is secure; (2) They vote; (3) Moderates and Democrats don’t turn out in Virginia’s off-year gubernatorial election.

      His approach is very smart.  He gives a wink and a nod to his base, telling them “I can’t talk about those social issues right now but you know where I stand (Wink! Wink!) and all that scandal stuff is just mean politics!”