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More Q-Poll Results: Virginia Loves Warner, Kaine, Clinton; McDonnell Not So Much


More results from the Quinnipiac poll of Virginia are trickling out. A few highlights.

*Virginians love Senators Warner and Kaine: “U.S. Sen. Mark Warner gets a 61-25 percent job approval rating, with a 55-32 percent score for Sen. Tim Kaine.”

*Virginians love Hillary Clinton: “Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to be the apple of Virginia voters’ eyes, leading New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie 46-37 percent…Clinton crushes Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas 53-34 percent.” Run Ted Run! 🙂

*Virginians are not too thrilled with Bob McDonnell at this point: Although “Voters still approve 47-39 percent of the job Gov. Bob McDonnell is doing…[he] gets a split 34-35 percent favorability rating.” Meh. Although I must say, I’m not really seeing how these numbers are bad enough to be a significant drag on Ken Kookinelli. Instead, I’d say Cuckoo’s losing this race all by himself, by being a) corrupt; b) a sex-obsessed (and not in a good way) freak; and c) an all-around extremist on a ticket with fellow extremists EW Jackson (who Cuccinelli has said he strongly supports) and Mark Obenshain (who put in a bill to make miscarriages a CRIME!).

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I agree that for some godawful reason people haven’t connected Cuccinelli to the McDonnell scandal enough. After all, they both took payoffs from the same guy for the same company. Maureen McDonnell and Cooch even bought stock in Star Scientific. Of course, Cooch was slick enough to sell his at a profit.

    Cooch will be hurt somewhat in SW Virginia (which should have given him 65-68% of its vote) by the scandal involving his office and the Consol company. Sadly, I bet he still wins in SW VA, but the people who stay home or vote libertarian or Democratic there will lower his chances of winning statewide.