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Terry McAuliffe Talks Jobs; Ken Cuccinelli Talks Tea Party at Manassas Forum


I was out and missed the beginning of this, but here are a few tweets from Terry’s Q&A session.

*@tomperriello: @TerryMcAuliffe’s right – Medicaid expansion moral/economic plus for VA MT @APBobLewis: TMac says Va to lose billions & 33,000 jobs w/o it

‏*@APBobLewis At Gov’s forum in Manassas, @TerryMcAuliffe 1st, focusing on transportation before crowd of NoVa biz leaders. Sez @KenCuccinelli is its foe.

*@JulieCareyNBC “Don’t voters deserve to know where you stand?” McAuliffe “That’s cute to say but I don’t make decisions before I have all facts”

*@benpershing VA Sierra Club PAC ‏@StopCuccinelli McAuliffe points to Cuccinelli’s lawsuit against UVA and @MichaelEMann, noting anti-science atmosphere won’t attract high-tech jobs

*”Let’s get him to VA!” McAuliffe says of Derek McGinty. “Fix that traffic!” McGinty responds. Laughter all around

11 am: Now it’s Cuccinelli time, and he goes right for all-negative-and-all-lies-all-the-time.  

*@MartinDiCaro .@KenCuccinelli says @TerryMcAuliffe is unindicted co-conspirator in a union money laundering case; invented scheme to rent Lincoln bedroom.

*@JulieCareyNBC Cuccinelli accuses McAuliffe of more job destruction than creation. “Terry is the only candidate in this race that’s chased biz out of VA”

*@RobertSarvisVA @KenCuccinelli, stop beginning with “lifetime of putting Virginians first.” Did u hear murmur run through audience at that dbl-plus untruth?

*@briandevine Not a good sign when you have mention your own financial disclosure problems in your opening statement

*@RobertSarvisVA @KenCuccinelli spending ALL his intro talking about @TerryMcAuliffe. This is sad. Media covers this, and not my campaign? Pathetic.

*@BrianCoy The very attacky @KenCuccinelli clearly doesn’t have much to say about his record to a crowd that cares about jobs, transpo and results

*@scontorno Cuccinelli: “We have not created a state health care exchange and I support maintaining that position.”

*@BrianCoy Wait is this the point where @KenCuccinelli explains how he’ll pay for his unrealistic $1.4 billion tax cut?!?! No, no it’s not. (Note by Lowell: he’s actually citing North Carolina as a model for Virginia?!?!?!? Holy crap, what a moron.)

*‏@scontorno Cuccinelli: “I can’t believe that anybody in this room don’t believe that 1/6 of [tax breaks] don’t want need to be knocked out.” (Lowell’s note: can anyone explain what on earth that babble means?)

*‏@hsilverbergwtop #VaGov on creating jobs.Cuccinelli: Lower state income tax,control state spending, elminate tax credits and loopholes. (Lowell’s note: guarantee 100% NONE of those things will create jobs.)

*‏@dsherfinski @KenCuccinelli: “Governor McDonnell took a broad view of government reform. I take a narrow and deep view.” (Lowell’s note: well, alrighty…)

*‏@JoshSchwerin Cuccinelli takes the opposite position from the business community on just about everything. Prefers his own ideological agenda

*@BrianCoy @KenCuccinelli would allow his anti-government paranoia to leave Medicaid expansion money and 30,000 jobs on the table #ExtremeTeam

[Lowell’s note: As of 11:26 am, Cuccinelli has basically dodged questions, lied, repeated right-wing talking points, attacked “Obamacare,” and pandered to the Tea Party fanatics in the audience.]

*RT @briandevine: me watching Cuccinelli http://ow.ly/nMEAn  

‏*@JulieCareyNBC Cuccinelli says he’s open to more local taxing authority for transportation funding. Wants to lessen Gov’s role in road spending decisions (Lowell’s note: In other words, Cuccinelli admits that his plan to cut taxes at the state level means that localities will have to raise taxes to make up the difference. #FAIL)

*@BrianCoy .@KenCuccinelli retreads Dr. Phil talking point that he last used to attack Medicare and Social Security #Howsthatworkinoutforya

*‏@lowkell Now, @KenCuccinelli is failing to mention that he rejected a League of Women Voters/AARP debate as a “left wing, stacked” affair. #FAIL

*@Acscholl @KenCuccinelli: energy has impact on poorest regions [which is why my office is helping Consol screw VAns out of money they’re owed]

*‏@Acscholl 45 y.o. @KenCuccinelli’s “record” fighting for women is a reference to action in college. What’s that say about what he’s been up to since?

*@Acscholl Every time he attacks unions, @KenCuccinelli attacks working families that keep VA humming: nurses, firefighters, sheriffs, etc. #mainstream

*‏@BrianCoy @TerryMcAuliffe looked comfortable, gubernatorial in forum. @KenCuccinelli spent more time reading the oppo book than talking issues

*@BrianCoy Forum: @TerryMcAuliffe’s jobs first substance topped @KenCuccinelli’s flailing attacks and empty rhetoric. #TerryWins

  • The Richmonder

    trying to win the Governor’s Mansion and is focusing on trying to win a high-paying job at a Koch-funded “think tank” where he can continue to harass women and climate scientists for a living.

  • From DPVA:

    Today shortly after the Virginia Battleground Gubernatorial Candidates Forum in Prince William County, Ken Cuccinelli was forced to try and explain why he won’t follow Governor Bob McDonnell’s lead and write a check for $18,000 in scandal gifts he received from Star Scientific and CEO Jonnie Williams.

    When asked about the gifts Cuccinelli said “I have returned what I can,” but did not actually state what, if anything, he has returned to Williams and Star Scientific

    If Cuccinelli returned gifts to Williams, why won’t he identify which?

    If he recognizes that his actions were so unethical that he should return the gifts, why won’t he just come clean and return the full value of the $18,000 in trips and other items he received?

    Why did he wait until now to suggest that he has returned gifts when all he has previously said is “there are some bells you can’t unring?”

    It’s time for Ken Cuccinelli to come clean and give Virginians the answers they deserve about his unprecedented ethics scandal with Star Scientific and Jonnie Williams.

  • From the McAuliffe campaign:

    After today’s Virginia Battleground Gubernatorial Candidates Forum, Ken Cuccinelli again refused to follow Governor McDonnell’s lead and repay the $18,000 in gifts and trips he received from Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams. Cuccinelli stated that he “returned what he can,” yet he refused to specify which of the gifts he gave back to Williams and Star, and won’t repay the thousands of dollars worth of trips and thanksgiving dinners he received from them.

    “If Ken Cuccinelli returned any gifts from Williams and Star Scientific, as he claims he did, Virginians deserve to know exactly what those were,” said Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s spokesperson Josh Schwerin. “The fact that Ken Cuccinelli still refuses to follow Governor McDonnell’s lead and pay back the tens of thousands of dollars worth of tainted gifts and trips he received is just further evidence he values his own political standing over his accountability to Virginia’s citizens.”

    Schwerin added, “In order to restore trust to those who elected him to serve, Ken Cuccinelli should come clean about his relationship with Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams and reveal what, if any, gifts he actually did return.”

  • Yet another swing and miss by the stumbling, bumbling Ken Cuccinelli (and MORE waste of our taxpayer $$$):

    Virginia’s attorney general has lost his bid to delay a lower court ruling that struck down the state’s anti-sodomy law while the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether to hear his appeal.

    Chief Justice John Roberts on Friday denied the request for a stay from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

  • From the Mark Herring for AG campaign:

    Republican Attorney General candidate would leave it to others to figure out ‘political calculus’

    Today, on NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show, Republican Tea Party candidate for Attorney General Mark Obenshain twice refused to say whether or not he thinks his buddy, Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli, should return the $18,000 in gifts he received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

    “Mark Obenshain has again shown that he puts politics ahead of doing the right thing. Mark Obenshain has had multiple opportunities to tell Cuccinelli that he should return the gifts. Instead, he dodged questions, saying he would leave it up to others to weigh the political calculus. We need to get politics out of the Attorney General’s office and put the law first,” Herring said.

    In a television interview earlier this week on Tuesday, when first asked whether Cuccinelli should return the gifts, Obenshain said that he would leave it to others to “weigh the political calculus” as to whether the gifts should be returned. Democratic Attorney General candidate Mark Herring thinks Cuccinelli should return the gifts immediately.

    Despite numerous reports as to the type and market value of the gifts that Ken Cuccinelli received from Jonnie Williams, Obenshain remains in the dark about the situation.

    “I have no idea what in the world the value is of nutritional supplements. I know there is a price that is attached to them. Now, what the value is, is an entirely different question. That’s something you’re just going to have to ask the Attorney General about,” Obenshain said.

    On Wednesday, August 7, Mark Herring unveiled his ethics plan that would update Virginia’s outdated ethics and conflict-of-interest laws and prevent gift scandals like the one currently engulfing Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

    “The two top elected officials in the state have failed Virginians and they have tarnished our state’s reputation through their unethical behavior. Virginia’s system relied on lax laws, and the integrity and ethics of our Governor and Attorney General, and it didn’t work,” said Herring. “We need a change in Virginia’s ethics laws. Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell have shown we can’t expect everyone to do the right thing. We can’t legislate honesty, but we can make it harder, and more costly to do the wrong thing.”

  • senator911

    I happened to have attended this forum with a couple of collegues from school. Mcaulliffe was refreshing with his mainstream platform. The Cooch though; he literally had 98% of his opening 5 minute remark attaching Terry!! WHO DOES THAT??!!! Then just spulterring propaganda about how Obamacare is unconstititutional even though it is the law approved by all 3 branches of government. I felt like screaming at him “are you stupid??!!” I’ll post a better review later on.


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