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Video: NARAL President Ilyse Hogue Discusses “Outrageous Lies” at VA “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”


As Hogue explains: “Not only are [these centers] lying to women, but they are actually endangering women’s health…[they] take money from much-needed programs that actually support families that need the help and moving them into these “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that try and shame and humiliate women and endanger their health by giving them the kind of information that you played for your viewers. This is the face of the anti-choice movement, and the politicians that stand with them like Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia…voters have a right to know that these politicians support these centers that intimidate women and like to them and are often doing it with taxpayer dollars.”

Also note that these so-called “crisis centers” are funded in part by the state of Virginia’s “Choose Life” license plates, and of course they’re strongly supported by Gov. McDonnell, Attorney General Cuccinelli, and Cuccinelli “clones” Mark Obenshain and EW Jackson. It’s disgusting.

P.S. The lies include that condoms don’t work, that birth control pills cause cancer, that all abortion (even in cases of rape or incest) is murder (and destroys a woman’s self esteem). Again, this is YOUR TAX MONEY AT WORK! Grrrrr.


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