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Terry McAuliffe Talks Jobs; Ken Cuccinelli Talks Tea Party at Manassas Forum


I was out and missed the beginning of this, but here are a few tweets from Terry’s Q&A session.

*@tomperriello: @TerryMcAuliffe’s right – Medicaid expansion moral/economic plus for VA MT @APBobLewis: TMac says Va to lose billions & 33,000 jobs w/o it

‏*@APBobLewis At Gov’s forum in Manassas, @TerryMcAuliffe 1st, focusing on transportation before crowd of NoVa biz leaders. Sez @KenCuccinelli is its foe.

*@JulieCareyNBC “Don’t voters deserve to know where you stand?” McAuliffe “That’s cute to say but I don’t make decisions before I have all facts”

*@benpershing VA Sierra Club PAC ‏@StopCuccinelli McAuliffe points to Cuccinelli’s lawsuit against UVA and @MichaelEMann, noting anti-science atmosphere won’t attract high-tech jobs

*”Let’s get him to VA!” McAuliffe says of Derek McGinty. “Fix that traffic!” McGinty responds. Laughter all around

11 am: Now it’s Cuccinelli time, and he goes right for all-negative-and-all-lies-all-the-time.  

*@MartinDiCaro .@KenCuccinelli says @TerryMcAuliffe is unindicted co-conspirator in a union money laundering case; invented scheme to rent Lincoln bedroom.

*@JulieCareyNBC Cuccinelli accuses McAuliffe of more job destruction than creation. “Terry is the only candidate in this race that’s chased biz out of VA”

*@RobertSarvisVA @KenCuccinelli, stop beginning with “lifetime of putting Virginians first.” Did u hear murmur run through audience at that dbl-plus untruth?

*@briandevine Not a good sign when you have mention your own financial disclosure problems in your opening statement

*@RobertSarvisVA @KenCuccinelli spending ALL his intro talking about @TerryMcAuliffe. This is sad. Media covers this, and not my campaign? Pathetic.

*@BrianCoy The very attacky @KenCuccinelli clearly doesn’t have much to say about his record to a crowd that cares about jobs, transpo and results

*@scontorno Cuccinelli: “We have not created a state health care exchange and I support maintaining that position.”

*@BrianCoy Wait is this the point where @KenCuccinelli explains how he’ll pay for his unrealistic $1.4 billion tax cut?!?! No, no it’s not. (Note by Lowell: he’s actually citing North Carolina as a model for Virginia?!?!?!? Holy crap, what a moron.)

*‏@scontorno Cuccinelli: “I can’t believe that anybody in this room don’t believe that 1/6 of [tax breaks] don’t want need to be knocked out.” (Lowell’s note: can anyone explain what on earth that babble means?)

*‏@hsilverbergwtop #VaGov on creating jobs.Cuccinelli: Lower state income tax,control state spending, elminate tax credits and loopholes. (Lowell’s note: guarantee 100% NONE of those things will create jobs.)

*‏@dsherfinski @KenCuccinelli: “Governor McDonnell took a broad view of government reform. I take a narrow and deep view.” (Lowell’s note: well, alrighty…)

*‏@JoshSchwerin Cuccinelli takes the opposite position from the business community on just about everything. Prefers his own ideological agenda

*@BrianCoy @KenCuccinelli would allow his anti-government paranoia to leave Medicaid expansion money and 30,000 jobs on the table #ExtremeTeam

[Lowell’s note: As of 11:26 am, Cuccinelli has basically dodged questions, lied, repeated right-wing talking points, attacked “Obamacare,” and pandered to the Tea Party fanatics in the audience.]

*RT @briandevine: me watching Cuccinelli http://ow.ly/nMEAn  

‏*@JulieCareyNBC Cuccinelli says he’s open to more local taxing authority for transportation funding. Wants to lessen Gov’s role in road spending decisions (Lowell’s note: In other words, Cuccinelli admits that his plan to cut taxes at the state level means that localities will have to raise taxes to make up the difference. #FAIL)

*@BrianCoy .@KenCuccinelli retreads Dr. Phil talking point that he last used to attack Medicare and Social Security #Howsthatworkinoutforya

*‏@lowkell Now, @KenCuccinelli is failing to mention that he rejected a League of Women Voters/AARP debate as a “left wing, stacked” affair. #FAIL

*@Acscholl @KenCuccinelli: energy has impact on poorest regions [which is why my office is helping Consol screw VAns out of money they’re owed]

*‏@Acscholl 45 y.o. @KenCuccinelli’s “record” fighting for women is a reference to action in college. What’s that say about what he’s been up to since?

*@Acscholl Every time he attacks unions, @KenCuccinelli attacks working families that keep VA humming: nurses, firefighters, sheriffs, etc. #mainstream

*‏@BrianCoy @TerryMcAuliffe looked comfortable, gubernatorial in forum. @KenCuccinelli spent more time reading the oppo book than talking issues

*@BrianCoy Forum: @TerryMcAuliffe’s jobs first substance topped @KenCuccinelli’s flailing attacks and empty rhetoric. #TerryWins


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