Video: Cuccinelli’s Creepy Video Coopts March on Washington for His School Privatization Agenda


    This bizarre video by Ken Cuccinelli leaves me almost speechless at how totally f***ed up it is. Still, I’ll do my best:

    1. The thing’s just creepy, from the bizarre/fake expression on Cuckoo’s face (blinking occasionally might help?), to the mawkish music, to the weird camera angles, to the length of this monstrosity (3 1/2 minutes of this crap?!?)…just the whole thing is FUBAR. Whoever was responsible for this should seriously be fired immediately. Wait! On second thought, as a Democrat who badly wants to see extremist nutjob Cuccinelli defeated, please KEEP whoever produced this video and have them do a bunch more! Yeah, that’s the ticket… 🙂

    2. To paraphrase a Virginia Democratic friend, the fact that Cuccinelli is trying to hide his radical, public school privatization plan in some kind of civil rights struggle is extremely obnoxious. Of course, there are a lot of education reform views on both sides of the aisle, but Cuccinelli’s push to put money into religious schools is totally crazy. Heck, Cuccinelli can’t even get his party to agree with him on this stuff, it’s so extreme. Bottom line: We can’t have a governor who’s going to spend four years tilting at windmills and trying to turn us into North Carolina.

    3. How bad is Cuccinelli’s education plan? See Del. Rob Krupicka’s demolition of it, also teacher/Democratic activist superstar Kip Malinosky’s. It’s not a pretty picture, particularly repealing the Blaine Amendment to allow public funding of religious schools, along with several other disastrous components which all justifiably earn “F” grades from Del. Krupicka.

    3. To quote my friend Josh Israel, “Video by @KenCuccinelli actually tries to tie MLK legacy his school voucher scheme.”

    4. Does Cuccinelli have ANY clue whatsoever what the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was all about? First off, the march was organized by a number of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations, led by Bayard Rustin, “a homosexual, a Communist, and a war resistor.” I’m sure Cooch would fit right in. Heh. Also, the March on Washington’s goals included, among other things, a “program of public works, including job training, for the unemployed;” a “$2-an-hour minimum wage nationwide;” and “enforcement of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution by reducing congressional representation from States that disenfranchise citizens.” None of those things, of course, are compatible with the agenda of Ken Cuccinelli and his Tea Party allies Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, etc. To the contrary, what we see in Republican-controlled state after Republican-controlled state are: efforts to block minimum wage increases; opposition to public works, job training and aid to the unemployed; and legislation aimed at taking the right to vote away from people who tend to vote Democratic (e.g., African Americans, poor people).

    5. This video’s just a huge #FAIL any way you look at it. I can’t even believe this creep could have ever been elected to anything, let alone be a “major party” candidate for Governor of Virginia. SERIOUSLY?!?

    • kindler

      …since clearly whoever put this mess together skipped film school and learned the basics from his mom.

    • DJRippert

      Cuccinelli’s choice of this anniversary as a day to put forth a partisan education plan was inappropriate.

      I don’t exactly know why he looks creepy in the video but he does look creepy.

      Health care in America is broken.  Obamacare is a mess.  However, it dislodges the status quo and the status quo needed to be dislodged.  Obama may be remembered as either a hero or a goat for Obamacare.  For any who are interested in my opinion in the future, it will be simple – something had to be done and Barack Obama started the change process.  For that we should be eternally grateful.

      Education in America is broken.  Cuccinelli’s plan may be a mess.  However, it attempts to dislodge the status quo and the status quo needs to be dislodged.  Cuccinelli may be remembered as either a hero or a goat for his educational plans.  For any who may be interested in my opinion in the future, it will be simple – something had to be done and Ken Cuccinelli tried to start the change process.  For that we should be eternally grateful.

      Sorry to rain on the Progressive parade but intransigence in education is no better than intransigence in health care – or climate change, for that matter.

    • glennbear

      You have analyzed the content of this video quite well I would just add that I was reminded of Bachmann’s misplaced stare when she responded to the State of The Union address. The Cooch also appeared to be staring off into space.