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Audio: Leading Right-Wing Radio Talk Show Host Rips Cuccinelli Campaign


Far-right-wing radio talk show host Steve Deace (among other things, he “believes the Bible is literally true and the Constitution isn’t a living, breathing document”) is particularly angry at Cuccinelli campaign consultant Brett O’Donnell. Why? For supposedly ruining the great Ken Cuccinelli, that beacon of “liberty,” the “constitution” and whatever other buzzwords the Teahadist extremists are throwing around these days to try to prove they’re not radical nut jobs (which, of course they are).

More to the point, you’ve gotta love the post mortems already beginning for Ken Cuccinelli’s shambolic gubernatorial campaign among the Tea Party set. And guess what? That’s right, the reasoning is NOT that Cuccinelli is wayyyyy to far right for Virginia (or Attila the Hun, for that matter), but that he’s been coopted by the GOP “establishment” and, as a result, he’s lost his edge, along with everything that made him “great” (to these crazy people, that is). Yes, they’re all completely delusional, but that’s the mindset we’re dealing with. Amazing, isn’t it?

P.S. Don’t miss Julian Walker’s scoop, Trailing McAuliffe, Cuccinelli changes staff, focus. Key quotes: 1) Larry Sabato says “You do not shake up a winning team…You shake up a team when its campaign seems to be losing“; 2) a “Republican familiar with the inner workings of Cuccinelli’s operation” says “They are circling the wagons, trying to rescue the campaign.”

  • On the heels of the news that Ken Cuccinelli has made a desperation move and reorganized his senior staff, Cuccinelli is now planning a Tea Party rally on Tuesday with ultraconservative radio host Mark Levin.  

    “Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign shakeup appears to mean a complete abandonment of his facade of caring about mainstream voters,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin.  “A Tea Party rally with a national conservative radio host is geared toward salvaging his disenchanted base and is a clear sign to mainstream Virginians that he would continue his extreme social agenda if elected governor.”


    Cuccinelli to hold Constitution Day Rally with Mark Levin

  • blue bronc

    Somewhere deep inside a republican deep thunk tank the question is:

    “We got him elected before, he is the same tea bag, why is he doing so poorly now?”

    Dems need to make the campaign for each and every republican ask the same question.  McAuliffe and his supporters are doing the negative ad’s well for this attack. They need to build more of the Terry is a great guy too.