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DPVA Robocall Informs Voters of Mark Obenshain’s Record of Opposing Women’s Access to Health Care


From the DPVA:

Mark Obenshain has spent his campaign for Attorney General running from his career long record on restricting a woman's access to health care. Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia released a robocall from Republican Katherine Waddell informing Virginia women about Obenshain's real record of attacks on women's health care rights.

To listen to the new robocall click here.  https://soundcloud.com/bcoy13/waddell-robocall-on-obenshains

From the dangerous "personhood" legislation that he introduced with Ken Cuccinelli that could have banned abortion and common forms of birth control, to his vote to force transvaginal ultrasounds on Virginia women before they can have an abortion, Mark Obenshain has devoted his career to a divisive and extreme agenda that has nothing to do with creating jobs or growing our economy. Virginia can't afford another Attorney General who puts his own extreme ideology ahead of what's best for the Commonwealth. 

  • From ProgressVA:

    As Virginians across the Commonwealth put on costumes today to celebrate Halloween, it’s time for Mark Obenshain to take his off. For months, Obenshain has been hiding behind the costume of a moderate politician, concealing his real record.

    Obenshain has supported personhood legislation that would outlaw abortion and some common forms of birth control, voted for an unnecessary and invasive ultrasound mandate, and proposed legislation that would require women to report a miscarriage to the police.

    But perhaps scariest of all, the next Attorney General will play a crucial role over medically unnecessary and burdensome Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers that have already shuttered two women’s health centers and could shut down more. Virginia’s women’s health centers provide critical well-woman care, including family planning, STD screening, and cancer screening, in addition to safe and legal first trimester abortions. The regulations, which are opposed by a majority of Virginians, hold women’s health centers to construction standards not applied to any other existing hospital, not to mention similar outpatient facilities. Falls Church Healthcare Center has filed suit over the burdensome and unnecessary regulations, citing political interference and bullying by current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Virginia’s next Attorney General will have to decide whether to continue defending the state in the lawsuit.

    “Virginia women shouldn’t be fooled by Mark Obenshain’s Halloween costume,” said ProgressVa Executive Director Anna Scholl. “Private health care decisions should be between a woman, her doctor, her family, and her faith. Mark Obenshain is just like Ken Cuccinelli: another politician focused on playing doctor and restricting our access to comprehensive and affordable health care.”

  • From DPVA:

    Halloween is here, but if you thought the ghosts and ghouls roaming the streets tonight were the scariest things in the Commonwealth, think again! Mark Obenshain and his extreme team of Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson have continuously rejected bipartisan efforts to improve Virginia and its underfunded infrastructure.

    “Mark Obenshain’s history of going against the best interests of Virginians was highlighted by his vote against the 2013 transportation bill that aimed to fund the repair and upkeep of Virginia highways,” said DPVA Spokesperson Ashley Bauman. “His Tea Party running mate Ken Cuccinelli also vocally opposed the historic legislation that would have supported Virginia’s underfunded roads system.

    “To round off Virginia’s extreme team, E.W. Jackson condemned the 2013 transportation bill but when questioned about specifics of how he would improve Virginia’s roads system he came up with nothing.

    “Come November 5th, the choice could not be more clear, Obenshain, Cuccinelli, and Jackson, have a history of rejecting compromise while refusing to provide a real alternative to fixing Virginia’s transportation crisis while Mark Herring, Terry McAuliffe, and Ralph Northam have remained steadfast in their commitment to improving Virginia’s road and infrastructure.

  • amber waves

    I wish robo calls were banned except for emergencies.

    They are simply telephone spam.

    Obviously if folks “opt-in” for robo calls that is fine.