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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, October 31. Happy Halloween, which comes just 5 days before Virginians get to vote agains the creepy, spooky “extreme team” ticket of Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain! Speaking of the creepy Republican ticket, check out the eeerie sample ballot (click to “embiggen”) by the “tricky” Del. David Ramadan, who apparently isn’t associating himself with ANY of the statewide Teapublicans, even though he’s just as much a right wingnut as they are. Hmmmm…wonder why? (hint: he’s in serious, serious danger of losing his seat to U.S. Air Force Major John Bell. 🙂

*A GOP without a brain (Or a heart!)

*Prof. Clinton explains the far right (Bill Clinton: Cuccinelli-style right-wing ideology “excites people, but it doesn’t get a darned thing done.”)

*Tax bogeyman lurks as budget negotiations begin

*The Spies Who Loved to Damage Our Reputation (“Our national security policy has gone off the rails since 9/11.”)

*NSA secretly taps Yahoo, Google data center links (As always, the question is how much security do we want versus how much privacy?)

*Jackson denies making comments on gays (Of course, Jackson’s been doing this for months, just as Obenshain and Cuccinelli have been – outright denying that they did what they did, said what they said, etc. Isn’t lying a sin, and don’t these three claim to be Christians? Hmmmm.)

*McCartney: Election a referendum on Cuccinelli

*Cuccinelli put his conservatism in writing – and now he’s stuck with it (The “Cuccinelli Compasses” are a superb window into the bizarre, extremist, absolutist, not to mention puerile mind of Ken Kookinelli. They are NOT flattering, to put it mildly.)

*Cuccinelli Compass: In his own words

*Va. AG candidate Mark Obenshain is Cuccinelli’s clone (A hard, but accurate, total smackdown of Mark Obenshain by the Post editorial page.)

*Ken Cuccinelli’s Problems Are a Symptom of the GOP’s Woes (“Republicans should admit that the Virginia conservative’s problems reflect the intraparty struggle that’s haunted the party during Obama’s presidency.”)

*Ken Cuccinelli’s Libertarian Love Affair (“Ken Cuccinelli’s down in the polls, and the clock’s ticking. So the Republican nominee for Virginia governor is courting the libertarian vote. Just ignore that whole anti-sodomy thing.”)

*McAuliffe, Cuccinelli try to swing Libertarian vote in Virginia race for governor

*Ken Cuccinelli is the wrong man for governor (“Apparently, in Cuccinelli’s ideal Virginia, we would all be happily paired off in heterosexual marriages, having boring sex for procreative purposes only and praying that our health insurance (if we could afford it) covered “pre-existing conditions” such as being a woman. If that sounds like a nightmare to you, you should probably get out and vote next Tuesday, because Cuccinelli is angling to make it a reality.”)

*Virginia Democrats focusing on drawing blacks, young voters to polls (“In recent years, turnout by the two constituencies has fluctuated wildly from election to election.”)

*The cash wave swamps campaign

*Latest Virginia governor’s-race polls offer contrast (They’re all over the place, but they all show McAuliffe leading.)

*Bill Clinton campaigns with McAuliffe in Roanoke’s market building

*An Endorsement: Herring Better Suited to be Va. Attorney General (“Of the two candidates seeking the office – Republican Mark Obenshain and Democrat Mark Herring, only Herring realizes and acknowledges what the office is and what it isn’t.”)

*Nice temperatures, but gusty winds could blow up a bit of mischief

*Red Sox throw three party at Fenway

*Tribal group disappointed by NFL’s arguments for Redskins name


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