Hurricane Cruz on Course to Destroy Cuccinelli Campaign Saturday


    The National Political Weather Service is now projecting that Hurricane Cruz will hit the Richmond area Saturday, and could strike a devastating blow to the Cuccinelli campaign.  Conservatives in the area are cautioned to shelter in place and not use telephones or computers during this time.  

    Ted Cruz and Ken Cuccinelli will appear Saturday at the Family Foundation Gala at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.  Cruz is the featured Gala Speaker, with “Special Remarks by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.”

    This storm makes it impossible to conceal a few inconvenient truths.  Cruz is well known as the architect of the current Federal government shutdown after his infamous 22 hour filibuster.  That he and his colleagues have no strategy or end game is becoming obvious as the shutdown has dragged into its 4th day with no end in sight and impacts on Federal workers, the economy, the elderly, children and many others multiplying.  

    The shutdown highlights Cuccinelli’s long history of embracing Tea Party ideology, goals and tactics.  There is absolutely no question that the people who created and continue to maintain the shutdown, hurting so many Federal workers and others in Virginia, are the comrades-in-arms of Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain.  

    That’s why Cuccinelli once said we need “more Ted Cruzes” in the Senate, as captured in this video:

    It’s why Cuccinelli has supported shutdowns of Virginia government over his extreme social views in the past (see radio ad directly below this diary).  And it fits the Tea Party tactic of always, in Cuccinelli’s words in the video below, taking it “over the brink”:

    This is a storm that Cruz, Cuccinelli and their Tea Party buddies whipped up themselves.  Unfortunately, FEMA cannot help them to survive this one.  They’re on furlough.

    • From the DPVA:

      Ken Cuccinelli is set to appear tomorrow with the architect of the Republican shutdown that is damaging Virginia’s economy, Senator Ted Cruz.

      But while many Virginians who are being hurt by the shutdown may interpret that appearance as a betrayal, Cuccinelli wants them to know that they’re wrong, because, while Cruz is coming to Virginia to campaign at an event, it “is not a campaign event.”

      Ken Cuccinelli will get gussied up, head to the Richmond Convention Center tomorrow evening and drape his arm around the Senator most responsible for shutting down the government and furloughing thousands of Virginians, but it’s wrong to condemn him for it because “it’s not a campaign event.”

      If that excuse sounds hollow, that’s because it is, particularly given the rest of the Cuccinelli statement as reported by The Washington Times:

      “It’s not a campaign event. We work with Ted Cruz. We work with a lot of conservatives who are coming to the state and campaigning for Ken.”

      Cuccinelli’s semantic acrobatics about the nature of his appearance with Ted Cruz won’t end this Republican shut down and put Virginians back to work, and they won’t help him duck accountability for putting his Tea Party friends ahead of what’s best for the people he’s running to serve.

    • kindler

      It’s not a campaign event, but Cruz came to Virginia to campaign for him?

      Glad we cleared that up!

    • Lori Haas

      CNN is coming to cover the event.  Can’t wait to hear the non-campaign speeches tomorrow evening.  

    • The Richmonder

      It’s going to be quite the show.

    • blue bronc

      Skipping the meeting of the white (really white) matter, the power boat show is happening.