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Video: Cooch Brags About NRA “A” Rating at Virginia Tech. Disgusting.


Over at Think Progress, Josh Israel writes that Cuccinelli Brags About His ‘A’ NRA Rating At Site Of Mass Shooting Where 32 People Were Killed. Watch the video below; it’s truly disgusting, especially when you meet NRA board members like Iran-Contra felon Oliver North, Ted Nugent (one of the most heinous people in America – read his profile), raging homophobe and Islamophobe (among other things) Ken Blackwell, etc, etc. As Republican Joe Scarborough put it, the NRA is “an extremist operation for survivalists and gun manufacturers.” And he’s absolutely right about this group’s leadership (presumably most members aren’t aware of how bad this organization’s become in recent years). Yet THAT is the group Ken Cuccinelli’s bragging about, at Virginia Tech no less?!? Gack.

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  • DJRippert

    Quoting somebody who claims the NRA is “an extremist operation for survivalists and gun manufacturers” is over the top.  Is Whoopi Goldberg a survivalist or a gun manufacturer?  Roy Innes?  James Earl Jones?

    I think reasonable gun control can be accomplished if:

    1. Those advocating reasonable gun control are calm and patient, and …

    2. The implementation can be done in stages, and …

    3. People advocating gun control take a few moments to understand guns

    The shrillness of many who espouse reasonable gun control makes many of us who own guns nervous.  Hyper-ventilating makes people (like me) think that there will be no end to the demands of the gun control crowd.  So, we see every proposed change as a step toward the slippery slope of a gun ban.  Calmness will get more done than shrillness.

    Universal background checks are a no brainer.  Start there.  Conservatives agree that we need to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.  How can that happen without checking the background of those who want to purchase firearms?  Start with that proposal and nothing more.  Get that done.

    Magazine size limits might be the next point.  However, there needs to be a certain reasonableness.  Reloading a magazine fed gun does not take long.  I think it’s doubtful that magazine size limits will accomplish much.  Maybe cap magazines at 20 bullets.  That seems reasonable.  It’s very hard to defend a legitimate need for 30, 40 round magazines.  But remember – you are probably not accomplishing much with this restriction.

    Knowing about guns is important.  Sometimes, it relatively small things.  A magazine is not a clip.  Most people who talk about clips are really referring to magazines.

    Know the current laws.  In Virginia there is no limit on magazine capacity.  However, any magazine that holds more than 20 bullets makes its firearm an assault weapon.  It doesn’t matter what the weapon looks like – if it carries a magazine of more than 20 bullets it is considered an assault weapon.  Once something is classified as an assault weapon there are additional regulations in Virginia including minimum purchase ages and a prohibition against “open carry” of assault weapons in certain localities.

    Forget what a gun looks like.  Trying to ban “assault weapons” because they look scary is a total waste of time.  You can go buy a rifle capable of shooting a .577 Tyrannosaur round.  The rifle will look very normal – not at all an assault weapon look.  However, the .577 cartridge was made to stop charging rhinos and elephants in a last resort.  Virtually nobody can shoot it accurately because of its recoil.  Now, that is dangerous.  In fact, any .50 caliber cartridge (and the weapon that shoots it) is dangerous.  Here is a YouTube video of a guy shooting a .50 from a very benign looking gun.  The ricochet comes within a couple of inches of killing him.  Now, that is dangerous.