• DanielK

    I get the whole “good guy with a gun” argument even though I don’t agree with it in the simplistic way people like the NRA and EW proclaim.  Sadly, there are plenty of instances where places that had people with a lot of fire arms were attacked (Sully District Police Station ring a bell?)  Sadly, if a gun man wants to take someone or something out they are going to try and do it, especially if the ease of access to firearms is there.  

    The whole arm America to the teeth movement misses an extremely important aspect of what would be an active shooter situation; how much training do these people with concealed weapons have? Target shooting in a controlled environment is a lot different than an area where people are yelling, running in fear from the shooter.  After the Columbine massacre law enforcement receives massive amounts of training on this, it’s documented in the news media on a continuous basis and reiterated after a mass shooting. That’s the key difference in this equation; law enforcement trains for these situations, do private citizens?  No…..Are they trained to take a shoot but more importantly, when not to take a shoot if there are civilians likely to be hit?  That’s probably what many people fail to confront these people with, how much training do these concealed carrying citizens have to go into a situation like this?