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Video: Gaby Kloiber Talks About Ken Cuccinelli’s Voter Purge


Republicans like Ken Cuccinelli are, to be blunt about it, more interested in their own elections than about American democracy (of which they appear disdainful, disrespectful, and determined to manipulate to their own partisan advantage). On November 5, PLEASE make sure you show up at the polls – and remind 10, 20, 100 of your friends and neighbors to do so as well – so we can defeat this outrageous, ongoing Republican voter suppression effort, taking place across America, including right here in Virginia. And yes, your vote really DOES matter; a great deal, actually, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary. Thanks.

  • tentwenty

    …if we have been purged?  Is there a website that has all of the names that have been kicked off the voting rolls?

  • Dave Webster

    It is not Cuccinelli’s voter purge.  The law in question regarding cross-checking voters was passed unanimously by by the General Assembly.  I was present during the hearing before Judge Hilton on Friday.  He was not favorably impressed with the fact the DPVA’s attorney couldn’t cite one person who was improperly removed from the voter rolls.  

  • ir003436

    The registrar in Northumberland County is handling the list of voters who allegedly are registered to vote in two states in a fair manner.

    1.  If a voter appears to be registered to vote in two states — VA and one other — and if the date of registration in Virginia is the more recent, she does nothing.

    2.  If the date of registration in the other state is the later date, she sends a letter to the voter, asking them to contact her to sort out where the voter wants to be registered.

    3.  She is NOT removing anyone from the voting rolls until she has talked with that voter.

  • pol

    Did Gaby do this? From the film, I couldn’t tell.