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Video: Ken Cuccinelli’s Putting Ted ‘Shutdown’ Cruz ahead of VA Families


As Ken Cuccinelli’s fellow Teapublican George Allen said, “you can tell a lot about someone by those they keep company with.” In Ken Cuccinelli’s case, it’s a long list of extremists: people like Mark Levine, Rand Paul, E.W. Jackson, Mark Obenshain, the Koch brothers, Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, and of course Tea Party firebrand and government shutdown leader Ted Cruz. With regard to the last one on the list, see the video below. It really tells you a lot about Ken Cuccinelli that he “keeps company with” the modern-day Joseph McCarthy.

  • southernvadem

    Hopes it runs all week

  • I’m not usually (ever?) a fan of conservative columnist Ross Douthat, but this analysis of shutdown politics makes sense to me.

    Right now, then, a kind of sour spot seems like a pretty plausible outcome for Republicans: A shutdown that lasts just long enough to convince swing voters that the G.O.P. can’t be trusted with the reins of government, but also ends with the party’s grassroots convinced that they’ve been sold out by their leaders once again. And because that sour spot is so plausible, and has been for some time, it’s hard to escape the impression that even the “reasonable” case for G.O.P. brinksmanship is only reasonable if the goal mostly just to increase the pro-shutdown faction’s power within the party, irrespective of what that means for either the actual repeal of Obamacare or for Republican prospects in the next few national elections.

    Let’s just hope that Ross Douthat is right for once!

  • Once a teahadist extremist, always a teahadist extremist. Some things never change with Ken Kookinelli…

  • DJRippert

    Cuccinelli can’t possibly keep that scheduled photo op with Ted Cruz on Saturday, can he?  Has he adopted electoral suicide as a campaign strategy?