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Mark Herring: Mark Obenshain Yet To Condemn Tea Party Allies


From the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign:


Tea Party ‘shutdown strategy’ showcases harmful, divisive leadership style of the Virginia GOP’s Extreme Team ticket

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring released the following statement on his Republican opponent’s unwillingness to condemn the Congressional Tea Party faction’s central role in failing to prevent a Federal government shutdown:

“It’s shameful that Mark Obenshain has yet to condemn his Tea Party pals on Capitol Hill and their political grandstanding that has led to a Federal government shutdown,” said Herring. “This will have devastating effects all across Virginia, it will hamper our economic recovery and it could delay benefit payments to veterans throughout the Commonwealth. I once again am calling on Mark Obenshain to condemn Congressional Tea Party Republicans and their misguided shutdown strategy.

“This is exactly the type of leadership we can expect from the Tea Party ticket: divisive politics and gridlock that weakens Virginia’s economy and harms Virginia’s families. Virginians have suffered enough under Ken Cuccinelli’s and Mark Obenshain’s Tea Party agendas. They’re ready for fundamental change.

“As Attorney General, I will take political ideology out of the office and put the law – and Virginians – first.”

Mark Obenshain has earned the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation’s endorsement due to his extreme right-wing record.


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