Will Anyone Fight to Bring Sanity to the Republican Base?


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    “We have to do this because of the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.” (Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee)

    The Tea Party tail wags the Republican dog in the House because the base has been rendered, over the past twenty years, so detached from reality that any Republican who acts sanely and responsibly reasonably fears he’s committing political suicide.

    These are people for the most part sane, but having been persuaded over the past generation of so much that is false, about a dimension of the world about which people lack for the most part enough knowledge to understand on their own, that in the realm of political beliefs, they are effectively insane– substantially detached from reality, ruled by falsehoods and delusions.

    Either the false worldview that’s been inculcated in the Republican base by people like Limbaugh and Murdock and the rest of the propagandists must be corrected, yielding a sane conservative party. Or the continuation of a base inflamed with the dangerous combination of false beliefs and rabid insistence on enforcing them on others will continue to wreak destruction.

    If we’re lucky, what they destroy first will be the Republican Party. But even with that luck, the process will be destructive also of the well-being of our nation, as the present unnecessary government shutdown illustrates.

    But who will fight to bring sanity to the Republican base? Are there Republicans brave enough to take on the job? Can anyone get them to listen?

    • ConsDemo

      It may be shifting in the direction of GOP brown shirts thanks to their disinformation campaign.  Early last week a clear if not overwhelming plurality blamed the GOP for the shutdown.   The latest HuffPo poll has blame being apportioned nearly equally and Teagan Goddard of Political Wire (who doesn’t strike me as a right-winger) is touting some “interesting” new poll to be released tomorrow.  It wouldn’t be interesting if it jived with the narrative of the GOP getting most of the blame, so I’m fearing something different.


      I’m afraid the public might be falling for the GOP’s phony  “Let’s negotiate” (which really means “Let’s negotiate your surrender”) as something that sounds reasonable, even if it isn’t.

      Also, whoever that idiot was in the WH who told the Wall Street Journal the Admin was happy drag the shut down out because they are “winning” gave the GOP a PR coup.

    • ConsDemo

      That “interesting poll” shows the GOP is on track to lose the House of Reps!