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3,000 Votes Missing in Fairfax County?!?


The Virginia AG’s race now sees Republican Mark Obenshain ahead of Democrat Mark Herring by 777 votes. But that doesn’t include provisional ballots, of which there are apparently 2,500 or so that were issued on election day. Nor does it include crazy stuff like what Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report (note: Dave’s been doing superb work on this AG recount; I strongly recommend that everyone follow his Twitter feed) just tweeted about (see the string of tweets below). That’s right, there may be 3,000 absentee ballots missing in Fairfax County – a jurisdiction Herring won 61%-39%. Allocate those 3,000 votes proportionally, and that would give Mark Herring another 660 votes – nearly enough to make up his 777-vote deficit, even BEFORE the provisionals (which one would think would tilt heavily Democratic) are counted. Fascinating.

P.S. Wasserman just added, “IF #VA08 Fairfax precincts had the same AB return rate as other precincts, there would be ~7,421 absentees, not 4,168. Huge difference.” Also, “In full disclosure/credit, I was first alerted to a problem with #VA08 Fairfax absentees by #VA11 Rep. @GerryConnolly’s political operation.”

  • is in the Republican National Lawyer’s Association. Does that give you a warm/fuzzy feeling? Hmmm.

  • totallynext

    I am following the tweets – but what exactly are we trying show is the anomaly?

  • Va Breeze

    Rockingham County?

    Have there been problems in the past with the Fairfax registrar?

  • unstablefan


    Statement From Fairfax County Electoral Board on Nov. 8, 2013

    Nov. 8, 2013

    The Fairfax County Electoral Board released the following statement regarding its investigation of the apparent error in absentee ballot returns in the 8th Congressional District and its continuing canvass of the election results in Fairfax County.

    “Earlier today, we directed the staff to begin a canvass of the 8th District Central Absentee Precinct. That process continued until noon, when the board met in an open meeting with the Election Office staff who are working the canvass, representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties, representatives of the Herring and Obenshain campaigns and the general public.

    During that meeting, the discussion revolved around two optical scan machine tape records, one that had been included in the results, and one that had not been included in the results.  After discussion with the parties and the staff, the board directed the staff to complete the canvass and to present the results of their final investigation to us once that investigation was complete. We were notified late Friday that the staff would be prepared to present their investigation results on Saturday morning.

    The board will meet again with the canvass staff and observers to hear the results of their investigation at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 9, in the Conference Center of the Fairfax County Government Center. This meeting is open to the public.

    Our provisional ballot meeting will begin at 2 p.m.  We anticipate concluding the investigation of the 8th District issue and the provisional ballot meeting on Saturday, Nov. 9 and the overall canvass on Sunday, Nov. 10.”