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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, November 29.

*Push for minimum wage hike led by localities, Democrats (It would be great if we could do the same thing here in Virginia, except unfortunately this is a strong “Dillon Rule” state. Ugh.)

*Podesta, Perriello, Wadhams: Karzai’s risky bet (“Karzai’s recklessness may undermine Afghanistan’s political transition, which has long been cited as the primary determinant of a peaceful future for Afghans. We hope he will listen to his own loya jirga and sign the security pact by year’s end.”)

*Bob McDonnell Ends Term In Virginia Statehouse With Scandal-Stained Year

*Filibuster Limit Leaves Door Open to Block Judicial Picks (“The move to eliminate filibusters for most judicial nominations left unchanged the Senate’s ‘blue slip’ custom, which allows senators to block nominees to judgeships associated with their states.”)

*A pope’s pointed message (“…no recent pope has been so forceful in denouncing the ‘idolatry of money’ and making the inexorable rise of inequality one of the church’s central concerns. Francis intends his message to be heard. I hope leaders everywhere, and especially in Washington, are listening.”)

*A homegrown health solution (“The best health care marketplaces are being operated by states, not the federal government. Virginia should give it a try.”)

*Government in Slow Motion (“Can Republicans actually gum up the gears of Congress any more than they already have?”)

*Krugman: Obamacare’s Secret Success (“Has the curve been bent? The answer, amazingly, is yes. In fact, the slowdown in health costs has been dramatic.”)

*Rooting for Failure (“It’s hard to remember a time when a major political party and its media arm were so actively rooting for fellow Americans to lose.”)

*Congressman Proposes Firing EPA Workers Because They Were Furloughed In Government Shutdown (Yep, it’s missing Village Idiot Morgan Griffith again. Ugh.)

*D.C. area forecast: Still chilly today, and mostly staying that way


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