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BREAKING: GOP Nominates Anti-Semitic “Joke” Guy for VA State Senate


Yep, they really did.

@ClarkeGOP tweets, “John Whitbeck wins 33rd VA Senate Republican nomination with 70% of vote !!!”

See the video below of Whitbeck “joking” around. As if that’s not bad enough, he’s also a far-right winger in general (the normal/sane Republican, Joe May, is running as an independent). What a party, huh? (Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, etc. all rolling around in their graves)

  • Dan Sullivan

    Not fans of the “head of the Jewish faith?”

    Ignorance begets ignorance.

  • va_lady2008

    It comes as no surprise that their false protestations of “change” to the contrary, the Virginia GOP–which has forever been tainted with the stench of anti-Semitism–nominated this cretin.

    They were bigots who didn’t even bother to pretend otherwise before. On the national level they at least seem to understand, dimly, that this isn’t a long term survival strategy, and I understand would be worthies are now taking lessons, not on stopping hate, but in lying about it a little less obviously.

    But here in the Old Dominion, they apparently didn’t get the memo. They were bigots before. They’re bigots who don’t even think there’s any reason to think otherwise.  

  • mikoglaces