As Expected, Alfonso Lopez Drops Out of 8th CD Race


    I'd been hearing chatter about this for a while, so it's not surprising at all, especially since Alfonso Lopez only raised less than $80,000 in the 1st quarter of 2014.  So, that makes 10 candidates; who will be next to drop out?

    I got into this race in early February because even though on paper the economy is doing well, too many people are still struggling to make ends meet. Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a better future.

    I am proud of how my campaign resonated with many voters in the Eighth District, especially new Americans, and that we assembled a coalition of many generous supporters. However, after we closed the fundraising quarter, I took the time to evaluate, with my team, the position of my campaign. It is clear to me that I do not have the resources necessary to run the campaign we wanted and that the people of the Eighth District deserved. With that in mind, I do not want to ask you to continue to make the sacrifices of time, treasure and talent that you have so generously made thus far.

    I want to thank you for joining this campaign and standing alongside me in the fight to expand opportunity. Although my campaign for Congress comes to an end today, my work to expand opportunity for all Virginians continues. In the coming weeks, I will lay out a new plan for my work to expand opportunity here in Virginia. We must do more in Richmond to ensure that everyone has a chance at the American Dream — and I will need your support in the future to do that.

    Thank you,

    Alfonso Lopez

    Alfonso Lopez
    • Hope will be only elected official from Arlington County on ballot in 8th district primary

      After Alfonso Lopez announced the end of his campaign for Congress today, Patrick Hope issued the following statement:

      “Alfonso Lopez has been a leader for environmentalists, gun safety advocates, and for new Americans in Richmond and during this campaign for the 8th Congressional District. I want to publicly congratulate him for running a strong campaign. I’ve seen Alfonso’s tenacity when we served together in Richmond, and we are lucky to have him as part of the Arlington County delegation. Alfonso has a bright future in politics, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”


      “I have known Delegate Alfonso Lopez for many years and appreciate the passion and intellect that he brought to the Eighth District congressional campaign.  His leadership and service to the people of the 49th District have been outstanding and undoubtedly will continue for years to come. I look forward to continuing our work together for the betterment of Northern Virginia.”

    • Delegate Alfonso Lopez is a strong advocate for Arlington, Fairfax, and the progressive values we all stand for. I congratulate him on a well run race and I look forward to working with him to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity at a brighter future.


      “Whenever I hear Delegate Alfonso Lopez passionately talk about his father, who came to America with virtually nothing but worked hard enough to put himself through college, I am reminded of my own great grandfather who came to America a century ago with a net worth of $20 and sold clothing door to door to pursue his own American Dream. Alfonso never ceases to remind us that every generation of immigrants coming to America makes this country a more diverse, creative, and inspiring place to live. That is why federal immigration reform – removing the bureaucratic red tape that makes it so hard for new immigrants to succeed – as well as the Dream Act, equitable treatment to immigrant workers, aid to small businesses, and making college affordable again are all essential components of America’s future.

      Alfonso has always fought hard to defend these and other progressive values in Virginia. I salute his leadership and congratulate him for bringing his passion on these issues into the Congressional race. The people of the 49th District are well served by Alfonso’s vision, and I will seek his counsel in the future as we work together to restore an American Dream accessible to all who live here, just as it was for our parents and ancestors.”

    • kindler

      …with lots of time to prepare himself better for future opportunities to shine. It’s a wise move for him to drop out now and do his part to bring some clairity to this overcrowded race.  

    • The Richmonder

      The 8th CD Democratic Committee should’ve held a lottery instead of a primary.  At a $1 a ticket, they could’ve raised some real money.