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Letter to “Bloviating Ignoramus,” George Will, Regarding his Opinion Piece on Rape in WaPo


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Shannon Fisher – Richmond-based host of the national radio talk show, The Authentic Woman – Perspectives on the Female Experience in America, and co-founder and past Director of Unite Against Rape for UniteWomen.org – wrote a pointed letter to George Will in response to his June 6 opinion piece in the Washington Post, Colleges Become the Victims of Progressivism, in which he states that being a victim of sexual assault is “a coveted status that confers privileges.”

Her letter reads as follows:

“First, I would like to annotate that rape is not a political issue.  To hurl the label of ‘progressivism’ at policies that clear the way for a victim of rape to report a crime, and to avoid having this report whitewashed by administrators whose primary concern is protecting an institution’s reputation, significantly diminishes the significance of the crime.  Supposing that only a progressive would support the punishment of perpetrators of this heinous crime suggests that a conservative would revel in having these crimes masked – and that is simply not the case.  Most humans with a developed sense of empathy would like to see those who violated their loved ones – mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, sons, brothers, fathers – brought to justice.

“Rape knows no gender.  Rape knows no socio-economic status.  Rape knows no political party, nor any religion or ideology.  Rape is indeed ubiquitous, possibly the most ubiquitous human rights violation worldwide today.  It would stand to reason that, regardless of one’s political leaning, every ethical person would applaud ubiquitous reporting of such violations.  It appears your disdain for the rise in reports of sexual violence on college campuses is based on a contempt for progressive policies.  While I respect disdain for any political ideology and relish diversity of opinion, I take great issue with your implied correlation between political ideology and response to sexual assault….”

Read Shannon Fisher’s entire letter to George Will at https://fishershannon.wordpres…

  • Dan Sullivan

    George Will and his ilk are the good old boys who accept that boys will be boys. I have been working on commentary about rape and it is simply not an easy subject to digest if you respect human dignity one iota. I have literally wanted to throw up a number of times as I’ve studied the genesis, history, and employment of rape.

    Will is a complete and utter asshole. From where I sit right now, the disdain for the rise of reports of rape is not from a contempt for progressive policies, but from a contempt for women, plain and simple. I am not finished with my analysis, but there would have to be significant evidence to the contrary to sway me.

    Nevertheless, what I can tell you is that the attitude George Will expresses has caused many women in the military to experience a living hell. If you really love the military, watch The Invisible War on a full stomach. I dare you.

    And I can also tell you it is not the military. It is at least a cultural cancer and possibly a genetic propensity. And Congress and Presidents have failed to address it for decades. See Tailhook you Reagan fans.

    Yeah, this struck a nerve. I think Shannon has been too kind.