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Virginia Primary Election Results: Live Blog (Beyer Wins; Cantor LOSES!)


It’s 7 pm, and polls in Virginia are now closed. Which races are you watching? I’m obviously most curious about the 8th CD Democratic primary results, but I’m also a bit curious about the Cantor-Brat Republican primary in the 7th CD, which I’m presuming Cantor will win easily. As usual, result will be available at VPAP and the State Board of Elections website.

UPDATE 8:50 pm: @RTDNolan tweets, “Dave Brat on victory over @GOPLeader Eric Cantor: ‘Unbelievable. It’s a miracle.'” You can say that again! LOL. Also, @ryanobles tweets, “My sense from a number of well placed Republicans is that @EricCantor will not mount a write-in campaign.”

UPDATE 8:36 pm: 7th CD Democratic nominee Jack Trammell’s Facebook page is here. Yesterday, he wrote, “We kicked off our campaign today after receiving a unanimous nomination from the 7th District Committee. I want to thank all of those who supported my nomination and endorsed me as a candidate. We are excited about the next few months on the campaign trail.”

UPDATE 8:34 pm: @ryanobles tweets about Eric Cantor, “This doesn’t sound like a speech of a write in candidate.”

UPDATE 8:27 pm: Looks like Beyer will win about as expected, with around 45% of the vote, vs. upper teens for Hope, mid-teens for Ebbin, single digits for everyone else. The only question I had prior to today was whether Beyer would break 50%, and I guess that’s still possible with more of Fairfax, where Beyer’s strong, to report…

UPDATE 8:19 pm: Just for the record, it’s now Brat 33,614 (55.47%) and Cantor 26,987 (44.53%) with 91% of precincts reporting in the 7th CD. I think I’m going to be in shock for days. @EdWGillespie tweets, “Congrats to @DaveBratVA7th on tonight’s win.  Looking forward to a winning ticket in November!”

UPDATE 8:17 pm: @Levine4Congress tweets, “Just called @DonBeyerVA to congratulate him on his great victory tonight. Looking forward to working with him as my next Congressman.”

UPDATE 8:13 pm: The 7th CD Democratic nominee is Randolph-Macon College Assistant Professor and Director of Disability Support Services Jack Trammell. “Trammell is the author of The Richmond Slave Trade: The Economic Backbone of The Old Dominion, the 2010 Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Silas House Volume II and Down on the Chickahominy: The Life and Times of a Vanishing Virginia River. In 2009 he won the Virginia Writer’s Club award for non-fiction for his Reflections of a Southern Gentleman Farmer, a collection of vignettes about life with his wife and children on his small farm in Louisa County.”

UPDATE 8:11 pm: Jim Moran says; “Don ran a tremendous campaign.  He distinguished himself with a deep knowledge of foreign policy, a steadfast commitment to addressing global climate change, support for common sense gun laws, and consistently strong progressive values,” said. Rep. Moran. ‘He’s the leader Northern Virginia needs in Congress. I’ll be proud to be his constituent.'”

UPDATE 8:06 pm: Adam Ebbin just tweeted, “Just got off the phone with @DonBeyerVA & congratulated him on his victory. Thank you to all of my supporters for making this a great race.”

UPDATE 8:00 pm : According to @DKElections, “Cantor outspent Brat $993k to $76k in last seven weeks. Not a typo.” Wow. Oh, and with 78% of votes counted in the 7th CD, its now Brat 29,699 (56.24%)-Cantor 23,109 (43.76%). So, apparently it wasn’t just Democrats who think Cantor’s one of the slimiest, phoniest, most godawful members of Congress (and that’s saying a lot!).  @chelyendavis tweets, “Holy … wow. @AP calling it for @DaveBratVA7th over incumbent @EricCantor”

UPDATE 7:56 pm: Politico writer  ‏@JakeSherman tweets, “LIVE FROM CANTOR HQ: The Cantor team appears to have shut off the projector screen showing the primary tally.” Hahahahahahahaha. 🙂

UPDATE 7:54 pm: Virginia Tea Party leader Jamie Radtke writes: “goodbye to the Majority Leader. The grassroots have spoken. They wanted to send a strong message to Washington DC and they just did. Oh, by the way…the tea party is alive and well!”

UPDATE 7:52 pm:  ‏@ryanobles tweets, “It is inevitable.. I think we can safely say that @EricCantor will lose the GOP primary to @DaveBratVA7th.” I need to find out more about John “Jack” Trammell,” the Dem candidate, fast!

UPDATE 7:45 pm: Daily Beast reporter @Bencjacobs tweets, “Cantor’s loss tonight may be the biggest upset in US politics since Dewey-Truman.” Seriously, I’m in absolute shock. So much for the death of the Tea Party?!?

UPDATE 7:43 pm: Dave Wasserman just tweeted, “I’ve seen enough, it’s over. Sitting Majority Leader of the House, Rep. Eric Cantor (R), has lost his primary to Prof. Dave Brat (R).” WOW – HUGE! Also, ‏@HopeforVirginia  tweets, “I just called @DonBeyerVA to congratulate him on his victory tonight. Congratulations and I look forward to voting for him in November.” As expected, Beyer easily wins the 8th CD. Now, the race for second place…

UPDATE 7:35 pm: With 36 of 163 precincts reporting in the 8th CD, it’s now Beyer 45.4%-Hope 22.1%-Ebbin 13.2%-Euille 7.4%-Levine 6.0%-Chatman 4.1%. In the 7th CD, with 149 of 243 precincts reporting, it’s Brat 24,100 (57.84%)-Cantor 17,564 (42.16%). Uhhhhhh…holy crap?

UPDATE 7:32 pm: With 22 of 163 precincts reporting in the 8th CD, it’s now Beyer 42.9%, Hope 24.3%, Ebbin 14.3%, Euille 6.5%, Levine 5.9%, Chatman 4.5%, Hyra 1.0%. In Arlington right now it’s Beyer 1,640 (26.9%)- Hope 1,365 (22.4%). The problem for Hope is that he needs a big margin of victory in Arlington to have any chance. Getting close to calling this for Beyer.

UPDATE 7:29 pm: With 125 of 243 precincts reporting in the 7th CD, it’s now Brat 20,466 (58.36%)-Cantor 14,602 (41.64%). What the hell?!?

UPDATE 7:25 pm: With 6 precincts reporting in the 8th CD, it’s Beyer with 47.3%, Hope with 24.0%, Ebbin with 9.8%, Levine with 6.7%, Chatman with 5.4%, Euille with 4.8%. Most of these results are coming in from Arlington, with almost nothing from Fairfax County yet, which is great news for Beyer.

UPDATE 7:21 pm: With 2 of 163 precincts reporting in the 8th CD, it’s Beyer 106-Hope 54-Ebbin 46-Euille 34-Chatman 22-Levine 22.

UPDATE 7:18 pm: For what it’s worth, with 2 of 243 precincts reporting in the 7th CD, it’s Dave Brat 383-Eric Cantor 163. 🙂

  • totallynext

    57.68% with close to 90 some precincts reporting…

  • JobyTodd

    Is there a Democratic candidate in the VA-07?  

  • alexdemprim

    Beyer – obviously on his way to Congress – but also a possible VP pick in 2016 (from the south, business experience, looks the part)?

    Hope and Ebbin – didn’t embarrass themselves, but there may not be any other chances to “move up” in the near future; unlikely to win a statewide race.

    Euille – embarrassed himself; a mediocre third in his hometown and a poor fourth overall (assuming Levine doesn’t pass him as the night goes on).

    Levine and Hyra – not professional politicians, so the results probably don’t matter.

    Chatman – the 8th district already has a representative with corruption problems, and clearly didn’t want another.  Maybe Oprah will give her a car.

  • PFXDem

    Cantor deserves this.  He created a monster, and it destroyed him.  

  • kindler

    ..if the same Tea Party that absolutely could not tolerate a black president finally decided that they couldn’t bear a Jewish House Majority Leader either.  

  • leedynamo

    I find that persuasive.  All those kids arriving in Arizona via bus and the news coverage makes it sound like they will not have a problem remaining here.  I don’t know what is going to happen there, but the details work pretty well for a demagogue.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Create a monster and you just might get devoured by your creation.  Let’s hope the Democrat can run a good campaign. And…that the GOPers in the 7th are split and devouring each other over this outcome.

  • June 10, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) – Don Beyer declared victory this evening in the Democratic primary today for Virginia’s 8th congressional district seat, saying he had loved “every minute of this race,” and thanking his supporters and his fellow candidates alike.

            “Tonight is the culmination of the hard work, the heartfelt values, and the shared ideas of many, many, many good people,” Beyer said.  “I am honored and humbled to be your standard bearer … Now we turn our attention to November … We must carry the Virginia ideals of integrity, community, progress, and compassion forward to all voters.”

            Beyer talked about the central issues of the campaign — including climate change, gun safety, and income and wealth inequality – and promised to work hard to find solutions.

    Beyer said: “The last few weeks, I have taken to quoting St Augustine of Hippo, who said, ‘Hope has two beautiful daughters, Anger and Courage.  Anger about the way things are.  And Courage to change them.'”

    The campaign field effort included over 164,000 door knocks and phone calls, aided by 368 volunteers.  Nearly 1,700 individuals contributed to the former Lieutenant Governor’s campaign.

            In addition to being a two-term lieutenant governor, Beyer is the co-owner of Don Beyer Volvo, a family business of nine auto dealerships.  He is the former ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and ran the transition for the Department of Commerce under President Obama.

  • kindler

    I’m proud to be a member of the party that nominates sane people.

  • aznew

    Brat’s basic argument against Cantor was that he was TOO LIBERAL!

    Wrap your minds around that.

  • pvogel

    Brat  complained Cantor wasnt tough enough   about “illegals”      WTF?        the gop   wants  less than 27%   of  hispanic  votes??? Thank you   voters  of the 7th  Cantor  will never  be speaker!

  • “If ever there was any doubt, tonight’s results prove that extremists have taken over the Virginia Republican Party,” said Mayor Dwight Jones. “Eric Cantor tried to cater to hard-core conservatives, but he failed. Ed Gillespie wants to do this too, and it won’t sit well with Virginians. I invite all mainstream Virginians to join Democrats in electing moderate leaders to Congress this November.”

  • frisbee

    Jack Trammell was one of our speakers and even before the meeting was over his phone was ringing off the hook. His campaign staff can fill you in on the details. w

    We couldn’t happier with the news. Now for the first time in decades, we can finally have a real election in the 7th CD.

  • aznew

    the panel on Fox is trying to spin this as a positive.

    The reality is that I have no idea what will happen now in the 7th — Brat may very well win, although I would submit that Trammel at least now has a shot to win, while he had no shot against Cantor.

    But the more important lesson of this result is how toxic the issue of immigration reform is to the base of the GOP. At the same time, the remaining reasonable caucus of the GOP recognizes that the GOP needs to find some solution to this problem — some way to move forward on immigration — in order to maintain its long-term credibility in a country with changing demographics.

    I am simply not sure how the GOP, at the end of the day, squares this circle, and the commentators on the Fox panel, who basically represent the corporatist, so-called establishment wing of the Republican party, don’t either. That clearly has them worried.

    Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are on Fox now, for example, arguing that Brat’s win cold be a harbinger of a new anti-immigration coalition for the GOP, one that attracts African Americans and Asians, presumably to team up in order to repel the Latino horde that is invading from the South.

    I do not know what Ann and Laura are smoking, but I’d like to find out.

  • Source

    Personally, I am very disappointed by the results of tonight’s election in the 7th district, but I congratulate David Brat on an impressive victory. Eric Cantor is a good man who has given much to our country and our state, and has much yet to give. It is clear that there are deep divisions within the Republican Party. While these divisions may be inconsequential in an individual congressional district, they can be fatal in statewide and national campaigns. We must find a way to bring the various factions in our party together.

  • From his Facebook page:

    I want to thank Congressman Cantor for his service to Virginia.

    The grassroots have spoken and I’m confident that Dave Brat will capably and conservatively represent Virginia’s 7th District.

  • I am honored and humbled to accept the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. I am running because I believe Virginians are hungry for a radical change from the dysfunctional and reckless politics being practiced by those in Congress – and the results of tonight’s primary election are the proof. In the coming months, I look forward to a spirited campaign where can talk about the issues that matter to our community, and how we can get Congress re-focused on the priorities that truly matter to us.


  • kindler

    For what it’s worth, Democratic candidate Jack Trammell is rated much higher than David Brat on RateMyProfessors.com.

    But in Brat’s favor, he was described as “total eye candy”…

  • Precincts Reporting: 163 of 163 (100.00%)

    Don Beyer WINNER 17,780 45.76%

    Patrick Hope  7,092 18.25%

    Adam Ebbin  5,272 13.57%

    Bill Euille  3,251 8.37%

    Mark Levine  2,613 6.73%

    Lavern Chatman   2,116 5.45%

    Derek Hyra 478 1.23%

  • frisbee

    Come Meet  

    Democratic Candidate Jack Trammell

    from Louisa County

    Jack and his wife, Audrie, have lived in Louisa County for over 15 years.  Jack was born in Berea, Kentucky, in the infirmary on campus at Berea College where his parents were attending as an undergraduate married couple.  He spent time as a child in Kentucky, and then New York City when his father was at Columbia University, and as an adult moved to central Virginia.  His family originally immigrated to Virginia in 1671, when Thomas Trammell arrived at the port of Alexandria as an indentured servant.

    As a political science undergraduate at Grove City College, Jack eventually went on to get advanced degrees or certificates in education, special education, history education, and research methodology, attending VCU to complete his Master’s and Ph.D., and also taking classes through the University of Virginia.  He has been a prolific writer in many diverse areas ranging from education to history, including two dozen books or book chapters; he was a regular contributor to the Washington Times.

    His history with the Democratic Party goes back to his days at Grove City College, where Jack experienced a de facto ban in the school newspaper due to his Democratic views, and he spoke out then (as now) against various forms of discrimination still evidenced in higher education.  He was an active worker on both Clinton presidential campaigns in Kentucky, where he also wrote local position papers and statewide editorials and quickly was recognized for his creative ideas; he also worked for the Dukakis campaign.  For the past ten years, Jack and Audrie have been involved raising their children and focusing on their careers as educators.

    Jack has worked for procurement in state government, and as a special education and history teacher in central Virginia’s public schools.  He currently works at Randolph-Macon College as Director of Disability Support Services and Associate Professor of Sociology.  His research and scholarship range widely, and he has for several years conducted seminars for faculty to train them to be more politically active.  He and Audrie reside on the old Goodwin farm where the South Anna River crosses Route 522 near Mineral, Virginia, with several horses, sheep, and other animals.  Jack has three grown children; Audrie has four.  Six of their seven children will be in college this fall.


  • “Tonight’s result in Virginia settles the debate once and for all – the Tea Party has taken control of the Republican Party. Period. When Eric Cantor, who time and again has blocked common sense legislation to grow the middle class, can’t earn the Republican nomination, it’s clear the GOP has redefined ‘far right.’ Democrats on the other hand have nominated a mainstream candidate who will proudly represent this district and I look forward to his victory in November.”

  • I want to congratulate Ambassador Don Beyer, the winner of the Virginia 8th District Democratic Congressional primary. Don ran a winning campaign and can be proud of his efforts. I also want to thank those who supported my run for Congress, including Team Euille. While the outcome was not what we wanted I greatly appreciate your support, well wishes, donations and votes.

  • The Richmonder
  • HTTR

    She would have been the perfect replacement for Moran.  Corrupt out and corrupt in.

    Thank god the scofflaw lost.  My compliments to everyone else however.  Especially the ones who followed the signage laws.

  • blue bronc

    Funny and stunning.  Will those in the middle of VA vote for someone on the far side of far right?  Probably the R’s, but I’s and D’s no.  Should be a top 10 race now.

  • Is “Do you just want to watch the world burn?” Even if you stand with them on everything, unless you’re really truly committed to destruction, you’re out.