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Washington Post Publishes Column Advocating Murder of Bicyclists?!?


Think I’m exaggerating with that headline? Fine, read this Washington Post opinion piece (by the clearly enraged and unhinged Courtland Milloy), for yourself. A few highlights lowlights include:

*The wildly biased, over-the-top, hysterical headline, “Bicyclist bullies try to rule the road in D.C.”

*Hints at violence: “They’re lucky that someone hasn’t put a broomstick through the spokes of their wheels.”

*More (and stronger) hints at violence: “It’s a $500 fine for a motorist to hit a bicyclist in the District, but some behaviors are so egregious that some drivers might think it’s worth paying the fine.”

As the top-rated comment on this screed asks, “how is this man employed by the venerable Washington Post? He suggests it is worth the fine to run down a biker – that would be a grave crime.” And as the second-highest-rated comment adds: “What a horrible article. Broomsticks in spokes? Run down cyclists? Why was this allowed to be printed?” More examples? Here’s what the third-highest-rated comment suggests for Courtland Milloy: “Seek help. You’ve got some serious anger management issues if you’re that vindictive to bicyclists and that blindly biased against them.” And the fourth: “What a disgusting article. In addition to suggesting injuring or killing a bicyclist is justified by a few seconds delay, Milloy also suggests cyclists don’t deserve city services because they may be white and new to DC.” On and on we go, and the Post is perfectly fine with it. Remind me again, why do any of us continue to read this click-bait?

  • Andy Schmookler

    Reminds me of a joke I’ve always enjoyed.

    After World War I, with the “stab in the back” paranoia running strong, a burly soldier sees an elderly Jew walking along the road. Accosting him and pushing him up against the wall by his lapels, the soldier demands: “Who made Germany lose the war?” The old man replies obligatorily, “The Jews.” And then he adds, “And the bicycle riders.” Puzzled, the soldier asks, “Why the bicycle riders?” To which the old man replies, “Why the Jews?”

  • kindler

    …is well past being a joke.  I don’t understand why the management and particularly new owner Jeff Bezos don’t do ANYTHING to clean up this daily embarrassment.  

    Milloy, like Richard Cohen and George Will and Charles Krauthammer and all these other boring, pointless clowns I stopped reading years ago, appears to have a lifetime appointment much like the Supreme Court Justices.  

    The last columnist truly worth reading was Ezra Klein — who of course the Post let go without a fight.  The WaPo Op-Ed page is like one of those old, decaying strip malls you do everything you can to avoid because it long ago stopped having anything of any appeal or value.