Video: Don Beyer Kicks Off General Election Campaign with 80 Days to Go


    I got back a little while ago from the kickoff of Don Beyer’s general election campaign. According to a press release, Beyer’s campaign is “taking a page from Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days,” but instead calling his sprint to the finish line “Around the 8th in 80 Days.” Other than Don Beyer, speakers included Iraq War veteran and Democratic activist Terron Sims, a member of the Beyer Advisory Group on veterans’ issues; Del. Charniele Herring; State Senator Barbara Favola; Megan Beyer; and Animal Welfare League of Arlington spokeswoman Keelee Wrenn (who announced a Sept. 3 “Doggy Happy Hour” at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria with Don Beyer to benefit the Humane Society shelter). One more quote from the press release, then to the videos (starting with the Beyer theme song – the “Blue Cup Song”): “‘From Rip Sullivan to John Foust to Mark Warner, this is a campaign of teamwork,’ said Beyer, as he urged his supporters to join Sullivan’s GOTV canvass ahead of Tuesday’s special election for state delegate.”

    • *Megan Beyer noted that people “can get a little complacent,” which is why at campaign HQ, they have “that’s what Eric Cantor said” on the wall. Bottom line: you’ve got to be vigilant and run the campaign hard, not take anything for granted.

      *Charniele Herring emphasized that Don Beyer will “stand strong for Virginia women,” which is why over “1,000 women have signed up for Women for Beyer.” Herring said she has “no doubt that Don will protect a woman’s reproductive healthcare  when it comes under attack by the extreme Republicans in Congress…I have no doubt that Don will fight for equal pay for women…”

    • Sims talked about a series of Beyer idea forums on Monday nights this fall, covering policy ideas on different issues (education, environment, healthcare, veterans, poverty/housing/welfare). The first forum in Sept. 8 in Alexandria featuring economist Jarred Bernstein.

    • Favola notes several people in the crowd: Alexandria Vice Mayor Kerry Donley, Alexandria City Council member Justin Wilson, Del. Alfonso Lopez, former Del. Bob Brink, and 8th CD Dem Chair Margo Horner. Favola said “you could not have selected a better candidate to represent us in Congress than Don Beyer…We have no worries about Don’s character and his integrity…[plus] Don really understands who we are, he understands our values,” including LGBT equality, women’s reproductive freedom, gun safety issues, action on climate change and environmental protection.

      Beyer talked about taking back our country and building a stronger America. He said “just because the primary’s over doesn’t mean any change” in his principles (or his slogan: “proven, principled, progressive”). “We’re going to continue to talk strongly about the need for a national carbon tax…investments in infrastructure, teachers and in academic rigor to create the jobs of a renewed middle class…important gun safety measures…that will make our community safer…expand women’s health care options…make Obamacare even better…find a path first to security and then to citizenship for the many new Americans who are the energy of our economy…be proud of our marriage equality and work towards racial healing.” Beyer also asked everyone to be “relentlessly optimistic,” despite all the problems in the world, that “pessimists never change the world for the better,” and that we “must never allow our energy and enthusiasm and commitment to wane.” “Every challenge that provokes our anger or our tears, must also provoke our determination to do something about it; please be optimistic with me every day.” “We want to be deeply connected to to all that happens in the 8th district, true partners with every one of you…”  And of course, “hey, let’s campaign,” as this race is NOT a “forgone conclusion” (remember Eric Cantor). There are lots of examples of politicians with 30-point leads on July 4th that ended up losing in November. Finally, of course, we need to elect Rip Sullivan on Tuesday, also Alan Howze and Mark Warner this November.

    • I strongly support this organization, and am VERY happy to see that Rep. Jim Moran’s superb work on behalf of animal welfare will be continued by Don Beyer!

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      Hes on the right, wearing  a red  cap,  she  has  a big  button.       The buttons  said “guns  save  lives” .   I    told them  guns  dont save  lives,   people  save lives

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      Funniest yet – “Open Carry Boobs” report on Daily Kos. Provocateurs.