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Election Day 2014: Open Thread


Today is Election Day 2014 here in Virginia, and we all need to get out and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. Polls are open from 6 am until 7 pm, which gives you 13 hours to exercise one of your most precious rights (and duties, IMHO) as an American – voting. Anyway, what are you seeing and hearing out there? What’s turnout like in your neck of the woods? Let Blue Virginia readers know in the comments section of this post. Thanks.

UPDATE 6:30 pm: Just “heard Long lines of after-work voters at both Wilson and Rosslyn precincts.” I’m also hearing expectations of around 70,000 voters turning out in Arlington, which wouldn’t be bad for a midterm…

UPDATE 11:26 am: @fairfaxvotes tweets, “10 a.m. turnout numbers averaging between 10 and 20% – highest is a 22%  turnout at a precinct in 10th Congressional District.”

UPDATE 7:44 am: I’m hearing “good and steady” turnout in the Democratic precincts of Henrico county; “pretty light in the 7th” congressional district.  

  • Dan Sullivan

    I just made the rounds of the polling places in Waynesboro. There were quite a few early voters and their discussions were about “change” and not our kind of change.

  • From Ben Tribbett, reporting in from his precinct in Lorton:

    Really pumped as the Republicans have finally shown up to Laurel Hill. Their lead woman asks “where is MY table”. I don’t know, I brought mine I tell her. She says the school should have them out for both sides. So she wants the government to give her a handout table and calls herself a Republican??…Core government responsibilities— national defense and tables for lazy Republican pollworkers.


  • AnnaM

    Line of 10 people at 6:00 a.m. – cars pouring into the parking lot.

  • EstherF

    The new “fill-in-the-bubble” paper ballots that go through a scanner are SUCH an improvement over the old touchscreens — there were literally no lines at all because people can all sit down separately and privately fill out their ballots. I had set aside 20 to 30 minutes to vote and instead it took about 2 minutes, counting the check-in.

    Our Dem state delegate Mark Sickles was there shaking hands when I voted and I heard word of Don Beyer and Jim Moran at other precincts, which I see confirmed here with photos. Lots of electeds out talking to voters on this beautiful day.  

  • Another Scott

    No waiting.

    Seems like a decent turnout so far.



  • Dan Sullivan

    Voters claiming that the votes for the 2nd District Congressional race are flipping on the screen. Reported by Rigell and Patrick voters.

  • “At Robinson HS this a.m. 480 votes as of 9 a.m. Across the street at Oak View, it’s 410 votes. Looking at 40% turnout by end of day.”

  • Turnout: “Slightly higher than 2010, and slightly lower 2013.”

  • ericd

    Gwendolyn Beck, Indep for Congress in Arlington, arrived at an Arl polling location in a chauffeur driven low number DC license plate town car.  Odd.  

  • Dan Sullivan

    Registrar reports 11% had voted by that time.

    One voter has refused to produce a photo ID because he claims the law is unconstitutional. He is self-identified as an “Independent.” Now he’s an Independent without a vote.

  • pontoon

    At noon had voted 2697 voters…exactly 25% of our total possible vote.  Some Dem poll workers have been told by normally Democratic voters they won’t be voting for Mark Warner because of the pipeline and Warner’s signature on the law giving away their property rights.

  • normanva

    Just got back from voting, the poll worker said that voting was heavy so far, about 40% have voted.  This is normally a business republican precinct so it may not be good, even though I would hope they would support Warner at least.

  • PassionateJus

    Anyone know? Thanks

  • truthteller

    About on pace for 775 or 850 about typical for a governor race or midterm election but lower than the open seat state Senate race, or 2006 Webb or 2005 Kaine

  • pontoon

    3996 at 4 pm.  We may get to 50% turn out in Nelson.

  • Bronx Cheer

    I’ve seen rumblings in the twittersphere about turnout in NoVa dem heavy precincts being alarmingly low.  I can report that the Westover precinct in Arlington had light traffic at 9am, and the election worker called it “moderate” traffic thus far when I asked.  Not sure what that means.

    Any confirmation or contrary information?

  • Nick Kessler

    101 1024 5:29pm

    102 620 5:15pm

    104 964 5:07pm

    105 ≈750 5:01pm (would not give exact number)

    106 1069 4:53pm

    111 743 5:42pm

    112 611 5:51pm

    113 814 5:59pm

    114 834 4:10pm, 1028 6:05pm