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Virginia News Headlines: Election Day 2014


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, November 5 – Election Day, 2014. Just one word for today: VOTE! Actually, make that two words: VOTE DEMOCRATIC! Thanks. 🙂

P.S. Photo by Jack Powers.

*The biggest bloc of voters are the shameful ones who do nothing (“Who shapes our government? The huge number of Americans who opt out of this right many have died for.”)

*Election Tests New Rules on Voting

*Eugene Robinson: Our politicians are flunking the vision test (“Sadly, there are few votes to be won with measures that are painful or spending that may not bring results in our lifetimes. No glory, just honor.”)

*With ‘Car Talk,’ he and his brother turned a radio show into a joy ride (“Click and Clack gave sound auto advice, but always veered hilariously off-course.”)

*10 Terrifying Facts From the UN’s New Climate Report (“It’s getting hotter. We’re causing it. And we have to act now.”)

*On the last campaign day, Ed Gillespie, Mark Warner rally supporters

*Ignore the noise and vote (“If history is any indicator, half of Virginia’s registered voters won’t cast a ballot in the midterm election today. That’s an unfortunate reflection of civic apathy, and a lackadaisical public view toward a right that ought to be revered.”)

*Our view: Seven places to watch tonight

*Dominion seeks review of natural gas pipeline

*Mark Warner supporters attend pre-Election Day rally

*Ed Gillespie and his ‘G-Force’ make final appeal to unseat Sen. Warner

*Warner, Gillespie make final push in Richmond-area stops

*Ann Romney rallies for Gillespie, Comstock on eve of vote (What a bunch!)

*Brat, Trammell make final campaign pushes in 7th District

*Attorney general looks into phone records sharing

*Gov. McAuliffe Convenes Summit on Expanding Health Care Access for VA Veterans

*Arlington bans ‘the box’ for county job applicants

*Loudoun supervisors seeking $10,000 pay raises, $20,000 for chairman

*A landslide nice day today, but clouds, then rain, and, by Friday, a chill


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