EW Jackson: US Didn’t Do Anything to Terrorists Like What “Viet Cong” Did to John McCain


    Crazy and stupid as usual from EW Jackson. “Stupid” in several senses: 1) we absolutely DID do horrendous things, if you read that tortured (“enhanced interrogation”) report; 2) I’d think John McCain, who was actually tortured, would know better than EW Jackson; and 3) McCain wasn’t held by the Viet Cong (“a political organization and army in South Vietnam and Cambodia that fought the United States and South Vietnamese governments during the Vietnam War”), he was tortured in a North Vietnamese prison. Also moronic is the concept that just because Democrats wrote this report, the facts must be wrong in some way. In fact, this report was highly watered down, redacted, etc. from the vast amount of material collected, which means that the full truth is almost certainly far worse even than this horrendous summary. Of course, fanboys of torturing people like EW Jackson don’t care, but still. Finally, what about shoving stuff up people’s butts, freezing them to death, and all the other horrible s*** revealed in this torture report, makes this “political propaganda” not torture? Or am I spending wayyyy too much time trying to parse the rantings of an extremist lunatic like EW Jackson?

    • E.W. Jackson @ewjacksonsr  ·  3m

      John Kerry tried to stop partisan EI report’s release. But this Pres. does not listen to anyone who tries to protect American interests.

      E.W. Jackson @ewjacksonsr  ·  10m 10 minutes ago

      Let me get this straight: tough interrogations are inhumane, but killing people with drones is humane?

    • K in VA

      There’s nothing else to say.

      I could say that the Republicans of Virginia should be ashamed of having picked this vile piece of dreck as a candidate for statewide office, but why bother?

    • Enki

      The Viet Cong never tortured John McCain.  Every U.S. service member has been given the speech; “if captured you are to provide 1-name  2-rank  3-serial number.   McCain went down the road to self interest while captured.  He told the Viet Cong he was an Admirals son and would fetch a far better trade in value.  McCain was NEVER tortured.  And in fact was treated with kid gloves.  Why he didn’t get a Court Martial for his actions?  An Admirals kid.  Jackson is ignorant beyond words.