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Video: Jim Moran – Elizabeth Warren “demagoguing an issue…the public doesn’t understand”


Wow, seriously? In addition to bashing Elizabeth Warren for supposedly being a demagogue (for not wanting to backtrack on reforms put in place after the Wall Street meltdown of 2008 and the Great Recession that followed), Rep. Moran absurdly/falsely claims that “Democrats are as much concerned about their left wing as Republicans are concerned about their right wing.” That is just blatantly false. Evidence? Quick, name the last time a Democratic incumbent was challenged from their left in a primary, let alone defeated in one (UPDATE: as we’re discussing in the comments, it HAS happened, but it’s extremely rare on the Dem side; extremely common on the Republican side) Now, name the last time a Republican incumbent (hint: Eric Cantor) was challenged and defeated in a primary (hint: Dave Brat). In short, the former basically NEVER happens, while the latter happens all the freaking time. Just utter horse manure by Jim Moran on this one. Finally, check out this nonsense from Moran:

I hate to say this as a liberal myself, but I think you’re going to see the same dynamics in the Democratic Party as in the Republican Party. You’re going to see Ted Cruz going out to the right and trying to derail legislation, and I do think you’re going to see some division within the Democratic Party between those that are on the left and those that are further on the left…

Riiiiight, so there’s now an equivalency between the far right (Tea Party, Birchers, neo-Confederates, theocrats, Koch brothers, etc.) and the “left” (Moran seems to be pointing his finger at Elizabeth Warren, whose apparent “sin” is trying to rein in Wall Street)? Is this supposed to be a bad joke or what? Wow.

  • Dan Sullivan

    All around.

  • pvogel

    We have gotton so  far down  theres  nowhere to go but up

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I thought that Jim Moran was owned by the banking industry. Now, I know he is…

  • loudoun independent

    A few I can name off the top of my head since 2006:

    Rosalyn Dance (won)

    Benny Lambert (lost)

    Arlen Specter (lost)

    Joe Lieberman (lost then won)

    Tim Holden (won)

    Al Wynn (lost)

    Two of these are Virginia legislators; I don’t have enough knowledge to list off state leg races from other states.

    Looking at the overall picture, an exceedingly more accurate statement on primary challenges would be: It happens rarely on the Republican side, it happens just slightly more rarely on the Democratic side.